To Tell the Truth/#SoCS

Which is to say, it is time for a little look in the mirror.

I photograph a lot of nature…yes, well, I just take lots of photos. The things in nature inspire me to reflect on human life as well-things such as beauty, death, love, hope, peace, anger, pain, Love….the list is endless.

I have been thinking about appearances, what we do to present ourselves to the world. There are those whose sense of themselves is defined (sadly) by what they wear, who they are with and if every hair is perfectly coiffed.



Always so lovely….


Then there are those who seem oblivious to convention, stepping out in everything from the outrageously interesting to the “what the hell were they thinking”-and beyond.

What defines beauty? Some peole seem so comfortable in their own skin that you might not even notice what they are wrapped in at all. Their essence shines through.





Others seem to be fading, but one can imagine what the potential is, what they once were. I work with a lot of elderly people and have arrived at the place where I am able to see beyond the wrinkles, appreciate the lines that represent their journey and feel great compassion for one who has made it this far in such a chaotic and often hard world.



There is beauty in aging, in death even. Like most things that point to our mortality we are often afraid to look them in the eye, afraid to accept, even embrace the inevitablity of our place in the parade of time.

Perhaps a magic spell, cast by the witch of good fortune and generosity, could keep us looking youthful, even as we march on.

To tell the truth, that really isn’t what I want for myself. I admit to always wanting to look clean, presentable and that I care for myself. This means hair done nicely (or in a ponytail), clean clothes and appropriately dressed for the occasion. Hubby says I am the best dressed gal in the Wal-Mart simply because I don’t have curlers in my hair and am not sausage stuffed into a pair of pink spandex leggings. And that’s on a mild day. 🙄 Halloween is loads of fun! And a bit of eye makeup is usually required, although when I am particularly confident I can leave it at home.

What I mean is that, aside from caring for my body with a good diet and fresh air, along with a few nice smelling oils, I don’t have any desire to alter the aging process with procedures, pills, peels, injections or potions. (The witch may leave the assembly now)

What about you? Can you leave the house without makeup? Will jeans do? Shorts and flip flops? Do you care what your appearance says about you? To tell the truth I do care that others think I care about myself. I don’t care if they think I am gorgeous or young or perfect.

Let me know what you care about in the comments, but tell the truth! And if you want to participate in Linda Hill’s  #SoCS  prompt, visit the link for the rules and find other fun posts. Now, if you’ll excuse me, to tell the truth I need brunch and am craving a bacon and egg sandwich.

Did I make the bonus, Linda?



Just me….



34 thoughts on “To Tell the Truth/#SoCS

  1. I too look to nature for clues and cues on how to conduct my passage through this life.

    Like it or not, looks are judged. But I don’t know if it’s the potential judgement that prevents me from going out wearing leggings and a barely butt-covering tunic or not. It doesn’t trouble me when I see other people rocking the tight-fitting apparel, but it does when nothing is left to the imagination.

    Nice to see your smile, Cheryl. 🙂


    1. I’m with you Maggie. Like I told one of my sons when he went through one of his phases, the hat-wearing Cat in the Hat phase, and complained of people giving him weird looks. I said”Obviously you wanted to stand out. Don’t complain when you get what you wished for. Making a statement requires owning it.” I am a non conformist myself but also like to blend when appropriate, never a clone but harboring no desire to be the clown in the room. It is quite the conundrum at times. Thanks. So good to see you here. Happy Sunday!


  2. I am always clean and coiffed for work and special occasions. However, on a day like today, when all I did was run errands, I barely put on any make-up. And my hair is at the end of its last wash. I really didn’t care, except I secretly hoped I wouldn’t run into anyone I know (which I didn’t). Some days it’s just plain nice to not worry about being put together.


  3. Thought provoking post, Cheryl.

    Clean and presentable works well for me. I’ll take the grey hair (or the thinning hair) and the wrinkles and wear them as a badge of honor. You know – “you should see the other guy”


    1. Men always look better as they age Dan. It’s a cruel slight of Nature towards we females. 😏 Except for Robert Redford. Maybe he was just too pretty. Even as a younger woman I loved aging men.

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  4. When I retired over a decade ago, I quickly gave up the corporate look in favor of jeans and other comfort attire. I love color and currently sport eyeglasses that look like a rainbow. They go with everything. I colored my hair regularly in my 50’s, but decided to see what color it really was when I turned 60. I’m letting the silver strands fill in as they wish, but because I wear my hair quite short, it gets a trim every three weeks. I like to be neat in my appearance, but most important I’m working on staying strong and fit. I think many things benefit from good health, especially as we age. A bit of lipstick for color is about it in the makeup department. I like the laid back me.


  5. I’ve never been a fan of face makeup. It made me feel like I was wearing a mask. I used to use eye shadow and mascara and would not leave the house until I had showered and done hair and makeup. As the kids got older and I did not have to get out of the car to take them to school, I drove them while still in my pjs sometimes. Once I started working from home, the makeup went away except on special occasions or date night. Now I am down to just a bit of mascara maybe sometimes. My hair is my biggest concern as it is thin and there is not much of it. If that looks okay, I am fine with me 🙂


    1. Evolution is good. It sounds like you are comfortable and that is what counts. I feel strongly about my hair because to me it is the one thing I feel good about. I can’t fix my face but…😀

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  6. I don’t wear makeup when I leave the house. On special occasions I will wear mascara, a bit of eyeliner and blush. Lip gloss of I’m feeling adventurous. But day to day, I just keep it simple. I don’t dress to impress. I dress for comfort. I don’t try to impress people with my appearance. The more comfortable and relaxed I am, the happier I am, and the better I feel about myself.

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  7. Nice, Cheryl. I love the comparison with animals and flowers. My family back in the south is horrified that make-up no longer adorns my face. It’s a New England thing. Clean hair and clothing, well dressed but practical. That’s me. Now, the photo of the aging flower… can ya add a little zip or bling?

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    1. Ha! Well, at least I didn’t put a photo of her as she was in her glory. I really do live my dying roses as much as when they are in full bloom. So many lines, textures-the real heart of her exposed. I can’t do no eye makeup unless I am in a real carefree mode. I look so tired. But I gave up the heavy stuff quite a few years ago. What part of the South, if I may ask?

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