What’s Your Woobie?

This scene, from one of my favorite movies, is also my favorite scene in that movie.

Mr. Mom marked the beginning of an era, a time when roles really were reversing in the American family, a time when Dads not only stepped into the role of Mom but embraced that role in its entirety whether due to divorce or simply allowing their partners to step into the workforce to follow their own dreams.



Do you have a Woobie,  something so treasured that you have loved it to shreds and could not fathom being in a world without it? Sometimes it is something so innocuous that you may not even realize the role it plays in your psyche.  Your relationship with this object has crept over you so slowly, insidiously infecting your soul when you weren’t looking, that you don’t even realize the larger than life effect that losing it would have on your heart.


Take my Ray Ban tee shirt.  My oh-so-special, one-of-a-kind, treasured by the hubs but given over to me with the promise that I would follow all the rules of ownership to the T(ee) hehe. It was vintage, I never wore it and kept it folded in a drawer, wrapped in paper for many years-literally.  Then came the dawning that special-unless you are planning to sell it for bucks-isn’t so special if hidden away.


So, I started wearing it occasionally, just to sleep in, and never dried it in the machine. It was hung with care and used only on special occasions. Then I reached another plateau.  The damn thing was so comfy.  The more I slept in it, the more comfy it became. Just the right amount of big, it enveloped me in jersey cotton love, Summer or Winter, and took me into its iconic embrace never to return me to my scratchy lacy teddy again.




Eventually, wearing led to more washing, washing led to drying and finally, the moths decided they loved it too. One tiny hole became a dozen, the brilliant colors began to fade and-you know the rest.





How could I ever live without this wonderful object of my history with my husband, that special gift he surrendered to me in good faith? Not to worry-he smiles about all the wear I have gotten out of it, but he also feels my sorrow at having to say goodbye.



But not yet….there is still enough intact cloth to keep it on my shoulders.  I can do it tomorrow-or next week.  Maybe I won’t wear it for a few weeks and give it a break.  Oh God, I am going to miss my Woobie!!!




Can you empathize?  What’s your Woobie?

17 thoughts on “What’s Your Woobie?

  1. Great stuff! 😀 I do know how it means to love a piece of garment to bits. I had jackets, sweaters, kerchiefs, boots fell apart on me. I don’t think I have one right now though. With the move almost 5 years ago I had to make a selection and only packed sensible, useful and holeless stuff. I knew I was going to start making new memories.


  2. I don’t think I have a woobie. I used to have a tiger pajama bag when I was a kid that I tried to make into a woobie, like my brother did with his toy monkey, but it was a sham.

    But I do love this line: Just the right amount of big – I think you should plan on taking RayBan to the grave. Ya gotta!


  3. It doesn’t rise to Woobie level but I have a tee shirt that was my dad’s that I wore out. It’s in the bottom of my tee shirt drawer. I’ll keep it there.

    This was a nice read.


  4. P.S. My favorite sunglasses are the two pair of foldable RayBan’s I own. I have a pair of Wayfairer’s and ClubMasters that I wear ALL. THE. TIME. in the field. I’d be lost without them! When folded both the glasses and soft case fit perfectly in my cargo pants pocket.

    RayBan’s RULE!


    1. Great idea Deborah. But it is awfully thin at this point. Congrats on still fitting i to those jeans! I ahve two pair of flare leg jeans I wore to near extinction but cannot part with. I had the idea of making them into purses or a quilt for my teenage granddaughter with the jeans on one side and a felt tip marker or pen attached for autographs. It was a thing when I was in high school to have people sign pur jeans and some of us would embroider the signatures. I love my Ray Bans. Been wearing Wayfarers since the 80’s and still miss my Jr. Aviator sunglasses.

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  5. Don’t despair! Make a pillow out of it! A very special bed pillow that is only on the bed when it’s made.

    I have a pair of 501 button fly Levi’s that are my Woobie. It’s my first pair, and I bought them in Yellowstone National Park in 1984. That was my souvenir. I refold them every 6 months or so to keep them from getting a permanent crease at the folds.
    Most of all. I’m ecstatic that they still fit me! 🙂 Yes. I do put them on before refolding them. Wouldn’t you?

    Make a pillow out of that T-shirt!

    I’m going to make a pillow or quilt out of all my favorite T’s and Hoodies that get too old or beat up to wear. FYI- I’m still wearing the Hoodie I wore on a Arches N.P. trip and ripped the hell out of when I went down the rock face on my bum on a night Milky Way shoot at Corona Arch. I will make a pillow out that Hoodie when I’m no longer wearing it with pride. 🙂

    I’m making a quilt out of my Baby Girl’s old softball team hoodies and T’s . She’s chomping at the bit for me to put the filling and backing on it.


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