11 thoughts on “Fluffy/#wordlessWednesday

  1. Hi Cheryl. How are you? I have been thinking a lot about Domhan lately. Do you go there anymore? What happened? Where I live, certain progeny of Ar’tine has won. The place is hopeless, no hopes for justice, peace, unity, for love.


    1. Hi! It is so god to see you. Not fifteen minutes ago I was saying to my husband that I am so ashamed I have not worked on the book for months now. Things have been crazy busy since the hurricane evacuation. I also have little time alone since he is now retired full time. Writing requires so much solitude….but my dear friends are always with me, calling me to visit. I think of you often and pray for miracles in your land. Things are not so pretty here on a political scale but we still enjoy freedom and beautiful nature…for now. 😏😞Have you been writing much?

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      1. No, I haven’t. I have tried several times but my concentration has become too short. I am constantly distracted. Some Ar’tine-like people have turned this place into a dark place of despair. My heart is heavy. I am terrified.


      2. I am so sorry to hear that. I, too, am distracted often. I keep you and the innocents of your country and the world in my prayers constantly. 😔Hugs Peter


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