2016/The End

As the last sun set on 2017 I didn’t really think of It as different or special. I have seen so many lovely such scenes in the last few years, in the time of my heart recognizing the magnificence of day fading into the horizon. I wonder that people wait until a designated date to examine their lives, their progress and goals for the future. Why, indeed, did it become necessary to slice out chunks of time and mark them on paper the way we have done? The marking of time has not served us well, in my humble opinion. It makes us harried, impatient, fearful and old. What if, instead, we simply viewed the rise and set of the sun as markers of opportunity, the chance for a fresh start with every rising disc of fire and the sweet relief of repose when it slips into the earth again? With no deadlines, no limits, no need to rush or plan, but instead just living each moment as the very first and last one that exists would be so freeing!


Resolution? I am resolute to live my life authentically in the face of pretense, to be honest in the shadow of deceit, to be brave when fear seeks to consume me, and to see love and be love in a world that is long on resolutions and short on action.


Instead of looking back on what life has meant to me over the last measure of human time, I would like to simply remember all the perfect moments I have experienced in the glow of endless sunsets, wondering at the power which keeps it all together.

After our dinner and a brief shopping stop, I looked up and realized what a lovely sunset I was about to miss, the very last one of our 2016. I snapped a quick shot and am sharing it with you here…



…And to say I will be so happy to share the first brilliant sunrise of 2017 with all of you.

Happy, Happy New Year!Β 

12 thoughts on “2016/The End

  1. Thanks you, Cheryl for reminding us of what’s truly important. I don’t see much point in measuring year-to-year. Things change in ways that makes a few hours during one day noteworthy and week upon endless week dull. We should all “remember all the perfect moments” – that’s a good thing to resolve to do.


    1. It’s strange the moments of clarity I have when trying to fall asleep at night. I had this epiphany about time and our obsession with it. If we originate from an infinite source and we return to said source when our bodies give out, what true good does time as we know it do for us but impose limits, fear, judgment and extreme pressure? See no real purpose in it for the ordinary man or woman. Just another wicked anipulation by those driven to be rich at the expense of the ones who help them to get that way. Work schedules, shopping, holidays, funerals, weddings, birthdays, watches and clocks….oh my! When I lived in Costa Rica, the sun came up at around 4:30 am. We got up, were well rested and happy to see it. It set before 7 pm. We usually were in bed by 8. Everyone there seemed to get everything done that they needed to. Hmmmmm……

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      1. You’re opening a Pandora’s box here. We needed time to run the railroads, to track the workers in the mills and to make sure we didn’t over educate the children 😦


  2. I wholeheartedly agree!
    I’ll admit to falling into the doom and gloom category, however I feel it’s more about my b-day 1/7 than 1/1.
    I have my goals, but I make them when I think of them, not pinned to 1/1.
    Have many wonderful sunrises and sets 😎


  3. Cheryl, what a beautiful sunset. I loved your thoughts connected to sunsets. Much like my blog theme Before Sundown – remember what made you smile. I’m looking way ahead into 2017 to feature fellow blogger friends. I’d love to feature you & this beautiful sunset as the blog header for the month of March 2017. It would be your sunset & mini- bio on the Welcome Page & a separate published post. I’d need your permission, so please let me know . I’ve enjoyed many of your other photos too! Happy New Year! πŸŽ† Christine


      1. Thank you, Cheryl! I’m happy you’ve given me permission to feature you & your beautiful sunset. I’ll gather some information from your blog site to include. I’m excited even though your it’s a few months away. I’ll include some of your thoughts from this & other blog posts. Have the happiest new year! πŸŽ† Christine


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