Random 4/Parking Lot Pig Performer

For one night and one night onlyyyyy…..



Pinky the Pig! Formerly private entertainer to local small children, he was released to perform for the parking lot at large.


And he couldn’t be happier!

Wait! Pinky, what’re you doing man?


I know you feel free and wild but…think of the kids. What if they come back for you, Dude?


“Hello folks! Welcome to the parking lot! So…about an hour ago I was bumping along in my kid’s sweaty little hand, top o’the heap and all. I was always a good influence, a faithful friend. Then the kid, well, dropped me..just like a stale pork rind. Never looked back. So all butts, um bets, are off! It’s a new day and I’m a free swine. Catch my show right here each and every night. Unless, of course the kid comes back for me…..”

Warning: The surgeon general warns that smoking may be hazardous to your health. 

(Think about that next time you have a hickory bacon burger!)

12 thoughts on “Random 4/Parking Lot Pig Performer

      1. Fire, always fire. I’m sure I’ll have an occasion to visit that theme. Maybe they’ll give you a micro torch to crisp up the foam on something 🙂


    1. I am the same way Sharukh. I still have my very first doll and many smaller treasures. Only recently did I hand my Barbie collection down to my granddaughters and give my sons their favorite toys to care for since we were downsizing. Some treasured items I still keep for them because I know what they willmean to them in years to come. But we live in a disposable society these days. Kids have too much. Then again, perhpas the child is crying somewhere, not even sure where the toy was dropped. That is the mystery…..


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