It’s amazing how quickly life consumes the mind, anesthetizing our brains, its whispers of duty overriding the quiet call of the soul for rejuvenation.

Many years ago I struggled to free myself from the tangled web of busyness and learned to mediatate, embracing the beauty, wonder and sheer magic of freeing my mind into the calm space of the in between. My life began making sense, every new event, every passage I read, each new acquaintance was like a step onto the next rung upward and outward into understanding and peace. I have never had a lot of peace within until that time. We all torture ourselves in one way or another in life, whether we suffer at the hands of others or abuse ourselves emotionally for any number of reasons.

This morning I stepped outside to practice my appreciation of this life, this beautiful world, this new chance to be whatever I can within it. I say practice because few humans ever master the art of apprecaiation. Many may think they have mastered a lot of things; but I like the practice of meditation, appreciation and gratitude. It keeps me on the edge of discovery and bright expectation.

I love the effects of meditation for me-the relaxation, imagination and imagery that fall freely from the rigid confines of my self imposed intellectual prison once I unlock the doors and remove the chatter of practical thought to bring vivid lucid dreams and a sense of limitless possibilty. The idea of God is never more real to me than in these moments, which is why I say that to warn anyone not to meditate because they might invite evil spirits to enter them is evil in and of itself. Humans learn fear, learn about evil through human experience.

Just a few moments of pure, unadulterated silence but for the sounds of the world-birds tweeting, squirrels running about, the wind sighing through the trees and my swing creaking slightly with the sway of movement, heightened my sense of awareness. When I opened my eyes and looked around, the things that normally represent simple beauty to me took on a deeper, more profound meaning as though they were speaking to me from within that in between place where nothing is misunderstood.

I took a few photos, just with my phone, so that I could recall the feelings, the thoughts and inspiration; because as swiftly as clarity finds one, it can retreat hastily into the shadow of emotion and noise of life’s insistent clamor. I hope you are finding moments to be still and quiet, not just to pray but to listen. If “God knows what things ye have need of before ye ask” why do we spend so much time begging, pleading and demanding; and spare so few moments listening to the voice of Spirit. This is what the natural world said to me today..


Enjoy the simple things that bring you pleasure…



Be brilliant even though you may feel tarnished…



No matter how lovely someone is on the outside, it is the heart which reveals true beauty…..



My little mircle tree just survived our first near frost and still has a lone berry. It says to me to be the miracle you seek in an often cold, unsympathetic world; and, just like this miraculous fruit, you may be able to turn the bitter to sweet on the tongues of those who speak in untruths.



Be as the lovely, plain lemon grass leaves swaying to and fro in the early morning breeze,  so graceful and deliberate in their movements yet flexible enough to bend and not break.



Like the fig which has bloomed again and agian yet not thrived through the season, be tenacious. One day the strength you have gained will help you to flourish and be fruitful.



Wear your scars proudly, for they represent experience and not failure. Only when we withstand the storms do we understand how truly resilient we are. Out of damage comes new growth and the will to be taller, stronger and more determined…



Know your true friends. You may find them in the most unlikely places. Never judge their value based on appearance or practicality. Friendship is another practice and has many faces..don’t limit yourself to anyone else’s definition.


I hope you all have a beautiful day, filled with your own moments of clarity.



12 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. Βeautiful..
    I really believe and put into practice what you wrote daily.. life is a wonder and enjoying, appreciating the simple things makes all the difference 🙂
    Keep well


    1. Thank you. Good to hear you are finding and keeping your inner peace daily. Life is definitely a wonder. So many people don’t bother with the simple things…


  2. “Wear your scars proudly, for they represent experience and not failure.” This entire post speaks wisdom, but this line is so important. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and important message of hope and strength.


    1. Thanks Dan. I really beleive these things. Sometimes it is like clinging to wispy memories when life gets in my face. But always if I step outside, the angels of Mother Nature just wash away all my fears and sorrow. 😊

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