12 thoughts on “Guardians of the Garden

  1. Great pictures and lovely flowers. At my sister’s I usually sit on the porch and keep staring them dancing to the rhythm of the wind. She also has this flower we locally call it – Raat Rani – which literally means ‘Night Queen’, but its English name is Night Blooming Jasmine. It produces a sweet smell as the sun goes down and continues to spread the aroma throughout the night until dawn. Do you know about this flower?


    1. I wonder if it is the same as our Night blooming iris, which is in the cirrus family of plants. I will find a photo and post it for youon FB. I used to stay awake or set an alarm to get up and take photos and sit among the blooms. It is one of only three or four flower fragrances that I like. Most give me headaches.


      1. There are quite a few night blooming plants but the scents are all very exotic, I believe to attract certain moths for pollination to some and for food for the more carnivorous varieties. πŸ˜‰

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      2. Neither is the other one. I always said I wanted to pull a sleeping back and spend the night beneath ours. Once it had 32 blooms at once. Heavenly.


    1. My little reptilian friends lead a fragile and precarious life, but fortunately they are very agile! It may take some time but a new one tail could be in his all too uncertain future! Thanks for stopping by. πŸ˜€


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