Hoop Dancer/Earth Day

Native American Festival/Earth Day 2016

We spent a beautiful morning celebrating Earth Day at the South Daytona Native American Festival.  My favorite event was the Hoop Dancer, very aptly performed by this young man.  And if you look closely, you can see the dancers-in-training, just enjoying being a part of the ceremony.  It was a great day, wonderful pow wow, with a lot of interesting events and great food, vendors and lots for the children to do and see.  Celebrating Mother Earth in one of my favorite parks was the best Saturday ever. I hope you enjoy the photos…

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Come with me

and flying free

together we see

the harmony

that is meant to be

our humanity…

earth day 2016 native amer fest copyright ckp 185.NEF

True wisdom lives within your soul.

Set it free.

Cheryl KP

copyright 2016

I hope you will  find out more about Pow Wow locations in your area!


25 thoughts on “Hoop Dancer/Earth Day

    1. Im glad you enjoyed the photos. We are fortunate to have a lot of things going on around us here. We haven’t seen the half of it! My favorite moments are just being in nature. Thanks.

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    1. Thank you. So glad you enjoyed the photos. It was a beautiful thing for me to see. There are many Pow Wow/Festivals that happen around the country. You should check their schedules. Maybe I will add a link to this post. 🙂

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  1. Awesome, you have made my morning. Wish I was there! I also share a fascination and massive admiration for birds of prey – so seeing the picture of the eagle was the icing in the cake. Thanks!


    1. That makes me very happy my friend! While I prefer getting my photos of nature in the wild, it was touching to know this eagle was rescued after someone had shot it several times and left it to die. It looked very content and has lived a long life.

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    1. He did it all keeping beat with the drumming too. It is very beautiful to see. I i agine it was just as lovely before modern technicolor store bought hoops artived. Imagine homemade wooden or straw hoops, perhaps stained with berries or left plain. It is the beat, the i ages, that stir the soul. A bird flying free, the birth of the world, the chaos that has come and the interconnectedness of it all.

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      1. Ha! Our entire family got them when they first came out. We a,ways had them at home. My Dad has hilarious phtotos of them all doing the hoola hoop.


      2. As a kid I was more into figurines. I had these G.I.Joe models and cars and tanks along with Cobra figurines. I would usually dig up the dustbin, pick up unwanted items and transform into props for my G.I. Joes, and then create a sort of action-rescue story of my own, make sounds through my mouth, bombs exploding, machine guns firing, cars screeching, punches, kicks and somersaults – my mom was like – are you a movie director or something? ha ha ha. Probably, she could now see from the heaven that I have at least become a writer, if not a director.


      3. Awesome! You sound alot loke my son who is working in film. Of course he loved Cobra, Spiderman, and so many other action heroes. Always playing with his figures. I made sure to keep them all in good condition and he still has them.
        While most girls got a Barbie house to p,ay with I would ditch Ken, borrow my brother’s GI Joe for her boyfriend and head to the canal to play Tarzan and Jane with them! No wonder I ended up living in the jungle at some point. 😀


  2. I’m trying to imagine what he does with all those hoops. I would be standing with a pile of them gathered around my feet. Great photos, and it looks like it was a great day.


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