Today In Silence

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I spend most all my days talkng. It’s my job. I like my job. Yet I find such pure joy in the wordless noise of nature. The ocean waves, the flutter of wings, the wind whipping through my hair. There is a richness in silence, an opportunity to just be who and where I am, without analyzing or reasoning. I thought I would share these moments with you. Be still. Let the words fall away as the sun warms your soul.


Love and Light,



26 thoughts on “Today In Silence

  1. We are definitely on the same page here Cheryl. Thank you for sharing. There are times I wonder whether I could live in a world alone with nature. But then I realize, who would scratch my back? Having my back scratched is another one of my guilty pleasures!


    1. You’re in luck. Taking photos is my favorite thing to do! I appreciate your following and leaving me a comment. It makes my heart glad to know you enjoy the photos. So much to see in nature!

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  2. My motto is : ฮŸbserve the wonders as they occur around you.Don’t claim them.Feel the artistry moving through,and be silent…
    I really enjoyed your photos, thanks for sharing.
    Keep well :))


    1. Thanks Dan. I am not a “lay on the beach” kind of person and don’t swim in the ocean; but ealking along the shore or in the surf is one of the few places that I feel the power of Creation so well. I also love mountain tops and volcanoes, the rain forest. So much awesome beauty all around us. I’m glad you understand my feelings. Thanks.๐Ÿ˜€

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