What do  you do when you catch a glimpse of something floating on the evening breeze? Something that looks suspiciously like a leaf but leaves do not float-they fall! Your mind quickly searches for another possibility and suddenly you think, “Feather!  It’s a feather!” Still you can’t move, mesmerized by the unique moment.  You have found many feathers in many places but never have you witnessed one wafting down from some unseen benefactor.  What do you do?  You jump up and run to see if it is-yes it is! It is a tiny gray-brown feather.  But the breeze teases you as each time you reach for it, it is lifted and pushed forward just a bit, and a bit more, while your heart skips a beat for fear you might actually lose it! No. You finally reach it lying still and quiet then pick up the perfect, tiny wonder.  And knowing what you know about signs, symbols and the most precious gifts of Spirit, you feel a great sense of anticipation.  And with good reason.

photo 2

So it didn’t surprise me when, not ten minutes later, my husband came in and told me, as he so often does, to grab my camera.  That usually means something wonderful!  This time the miracle came in the form of information from the neighbor .  During the course of their conversation he shared that he knew where there were two ponds and a lot of lovely birds.  Birds that I know, birds that I love and those that I have longed to photograph…..

the eagle has landed 020.NEF

the eagle has landed 026.NEF

My very first bald eagle! It was so magnificent, sitting in the topmost branches of a mighty pine tree.  I was in awe.  My husband’s keen eye spotted it up there while I was busy taking photos of the group of birds gathered around the holding ponds.

the eagle has landed 027.NEF

The Great Egret, gracefully strolling the perimeter.

the eagle has landed 013.NEF

Half a dozen Cormorant, flitting around the pond, taking wing now and again when they got spooked.

the eagle has landed 006.NEF

And the Master of Ceremonies, Blue Heron, always regal, stunning against the wintry backdrop of fall color. Patiently it allowed me to capture its portrait. Until it got spooked….

the eagle has landed 007.NEF

And took its magnificence to flight, a brilliant blue streak across the evening light.

photo 1

Feather Magic Gifts……..

What are your gifts?  What is your idea of simple magic?

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