Did Someone Say Owl?

imageSo there seems to be a recurring them in my new pieces lately. Maybe it is the strange moon energy. But I know I am not alone in my love of these beautiful creatures.

The mustache? Well I just thought it was cool.


My inspiration? Sometimes comes from personal experience.


And what a beautiful night that was…..

so…Janey, how do you feel about eagles? 😉


Happy weekend!

14 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Owl?

  1. In some native Indian cultures the owl was a harbinger of death. That is a Scorpio thing of course. The eagle was one of the original symbols of Scorpio. I think the attraction to owls and eagles is in a way an attraction to the deeper areas of life, not necessarily in a morbid way! Maybe it just means accepting and making peace with nature and the life cycle, and ending/beginning cycles in general. Owls are supposedly wise about things, right? 🙂 Love the photos you took of the birds. Happy weekend to you too!


    1. I have always had an affinity for owls Clarissa. And my family has a lot of spiritually intuitive members so When I had the encounter with this fellow in my front yard over a year ago my thoughts of course went to my recently deceased mother-in-law. We were very close. I have been focusing on birds of prey in general lately. I even looked up Osprey in my Animal Wise book by Ted Andrews because they are everywhere here and on our last hike two of them literally called my attention to them as they perched high up with their recent kill. Once I snapped a few photos they flew off. I love birds…


    1. It is a favorite movie of mine Peter. Even though it is marketed for children, I believe the themes and dialogue are more suited to mature audiences. It is quite deep and profound.


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