Doris Leeper Park 2015 033.NEF


Together we fly…
sharing the sky.
What I know, you  have learned.
What I was given, you have earned.
All I ask is that you leave me
some bit of blue,
untouched, untainted, unused
by you


once we are gone, there will be
no more


Cheryl KP
copyright 2015

9 thoughts on “We/Poetry/Photography

  1. Yes, just what the first commenter under About Us meant by “be significantly more sparing”, referring only to Leon of course. Won’t I ever learn… Sincerest apologies and much love to you, Cheryl. I’ll lay low for awhile; for many reasons.


    1. Im not sure I undersrand Leon. Of course I support whatever you feel you need but I look forward to hearing from you no matter what you choose to share. My heart has been heavy of late even though things within my own liitle sphere are well. I mourn for the pain of the world. I pray for healing always. I never told you but Plutonia’s situation is so like my own Mother suffered. Your dear one has been far more resilient than she was Im afraid. I am so sorry you never had children of your own. Being a different kind of parent often serves to heal wounds at least in part. I love you both Brother Leon.


      1. The misunderstanding was all mine Cheryl. It’s amazing what can trigger my episodes of self-hatred. The pain of the world weighs heavily on me too, and sometimes I feel I hurt people more than I help them. Thank you to the heavens for immensely encouraging me, Dearest. I am sure your sweet Mother had been more and more feeling like an empty shell here, like Plutonia does; I send much gratitude and love to her soul. I cannot but doubt that my parenting would be significantly more balanced, and I never told you what an evil person I thought I was when as a very little child, for a couple of years, I was visualizing myself beating babies to death, until Plutonia helped me understand that I was actually absorbing my father’s hatred for his life. So we do heal a bit alright; more than a bit. I love you eternally, our Sister Cheryl.


      2. I am sorry for the late response Leon. It has been a rather gruelling week at work but I am thankful for the opportunity to work and make a living. Thankfully here it is only the work that is tiring and not the people I have to work with draining my soul as has been the case in years past. I am very blessed. Just tired. I agree about my mother. She managed to hold on while immersing herself in her young children but the sadness finally overtook her. Thank you for the love you send. I hope you know my thoughts and prayers for your beautiful Plutonia come from the deepest place of empathy within my heart. How blessed the two of you to have met and helped one another in the healing you have known. I love you both. Bless your little child’s heart…


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