Letting Go


Letting Go

I never thought,
in pain and blue,
I would be letting
go of you.

A whim, a dream,
a fantasy,
How easily you
let go of me.

I do not blame,
how could you see
that you were all
the world to me?

My secret treasure
hidden deep
within my soul,
where longings sleep.

I watched a feather
wafting by.
The breezes took
it way up high.

All too late I
tried to grasp,
but empty air
was all I clasped.

High it rose
against the sky,
twirling in one
last goodbye.

Where angels smile
and heaven knows
the crushing pain
of letting go.

Cheryl KP

17 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. That is perfect Cheryl.
    I missed this yesterday. I don’t think you showed up in my reader.
    This computer goes quite slow at times. I bought a new one today. A small, handy little chromebook (notebook).


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