Apologies, Appreciation and Awards..


How many ways are there to say, “Thank you?” There are more than words, I assure you.  But there are not enough words to express how very thankful I am for the world that has been opened up for me via this blogging avenue that I have only come to know within a short year’s time.  i am grateful for those of you who have decided to follow my blog, reading my words faithfully and leaving me kind comments, offering support and encouragement, and sharing your own experiences as well.  I appreciate the casual passersby as well and thank you for taking a moment to say hi or hit the “like” button.

To those of you who have been so kind as to nominate me for a blogging award, I am truly humbled and appreciate your thinking me worthy of such an honor.  Now comes the moment of apology. I have been very busy lately with life matters, business and more recently-travel-so have been neglectful in getting to proper attention to these things.  There are many bloggers whose sites I visit every day that I admire and are worthy of attention.  It is difficult to choose which ones to pass on the awards to but I am going to give all of this my sincere best. I am not the most savvy when it comes to techie workings such as attaching links and tracking back, etc.  I promise to do this to the best of my ability if you will promise to forgive any places where I may leave “holes”. I am a writer and photographer first, a techno whiz last.

So, in this case I am going to begin at the ending and thank my friend Lysa Taylor over at http://bunehill.com/ Lysa writes wonderful fiction and has a book published under her company Bun E. Hill publishing called The Sisters Eternal.  She is a wonderful writer and blogging companion.  She was kind enough to present me with the Beautiful Blogger Award and I am so happy to have been chosen by her.


Thank you Lysa!

Now to nominate 7 other bloggers for this award.

If you wish to pass this award on, you simply copy the logo and paste it on your post, thanking the blogger who nominated you and linking back to their site.  Then choose your own nominations and say a few words about why you are sharing the award with them and adding a link to their sites.  The idea here is to pass it on to 7 other bloggers, but I say do what you can.  Okay here goes.

I honestly have three more of these to do, so if you have nominated me prior to Lysa, I will get to it and thank you so much!

First of all, I simply have to nominate my good friend in Ireland, Frankie, at http://truckerturningwrite.com

Frankie is a hard working man who has a passion for life and a penchant for story telling.  I have come to look forward to each day’s post from him due to the diversity and humor he infuses into each post.  He can make me laugh, cry and bow my head in humble appreciation with one short tale.  Please don’t stop Frankie.

Next I would like to nominate my good friend at authorshonique.wordpress.com/

She is a beautiful blogger in search of healing for all of us.  She writes wonderful fiction and also shares her own stories of pain, growth and understanding in a gentle but honest way.  She has just completed her first book which is due out on e book June 1. If you want to know more about that project, please visit her site @IAmNotListenin on twitter.  She can also be found on g+ as well. Thank you Sho, for being the wonderful person, writer and friend that you are..

Cimmorene at The Dragon’s Lair http://wavemistress.wordpress.com/ writes from her heart about  her past, her life with her wonderful family, and with the heart of a dragon.  Her words are sincere, coming often from the child that still lives within all of us. Thank you, Cimmy, for giving yourself to us through your blog.

This is Teddy.  I met him recently.  Teddy writes a blog at http://teddylee01.wordpress.com/

His words are quietly filled with the truths of the life he lived, how it has affected him, and the subsequent questions he has had to ask regarding those people in his life who chose to influence him, both good and bad.  I admire his outlook in the face of such struggles and applaud his effort to share these tales with others, giving them a comfortable place to share their own questions and suffering. I admire you Teddy.

http://theenglishprofessoratlarge.com/  The English Professor at Large blog is a delightful place created by a woman whose life is undeniably enviable to so many of us, having grown up in Hollywood around some of its most beloved icons. Her stories are witty, honest and show us sides of our heroes and heroines that remove the mask of inauthentic plastic glow to reveal the normal, sometimes flawed, beautiful people they are and were.  Her stories always leave me smiling…and wanting more. Thank you, Professor!

Standing at the Mouth of Truth/Karen’s blog

Karen writes at http://karen698.wordpress.com/ about her life with her family, the obstacles we face every day like new neighborhoods, self improvement, weight loss and other social issues.  She writes with wit, insight and deep understanding.  Thank you Karen.

Solitary Thinkers

Leon & Plutonia


I cannot say enough about this very beautiful couple from Greece who write from the deepest level of understanding about life, love and the need for increased Light in our world of illusion.  Thank you Leon and Plutonia, for finding me here in this cyber jungle and reassuring me that I am not alone. Neither are you.

Current blog avatar


At Optimistic New Mom, there is a lovely young woman who blogs about her daily life, their struggles and the joys and pain of raising a new family in this sometimes very difficult world. I have found so many similarities between her road and my own past experiences and love to hear about her days.  Thanks for sharing with us.

Okay, that is it for this posting.  Next up, I will be posting a big thank you and passing on the award I received from on very funny Irishman a few weeks back. My apologies in advance for taking so long to “get er done” my friend. Thanks for that Versatile Blogger award. Until next time,

Pura Vida everyone. Keep doing what you’re doing as long as you love it!! I’d love to hear from YOU too!

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