A Mother Grows Lonely/ Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington


My apologies for the lengthy departure from the story, but life has a way of throwing out those curves.  When we left the inhabitants of Dohman, M’na had given birth to Eternity’s hope of the soul’s completion in her son.  The ceremony of dedication was joined by those in the Eternal Realm, arriving in the forms of the creatures who inhabit M’na’s world.  All was well until Ar’tine arrived, stirring the protective emotions in the new mother of Dohman.  Before he left, wounded, a temporary truce had been made; but it did not stir the dark nature of his soul enough to make a lasting difference.  Finally, M’or joined the ceremony to bless the child and give him his name of Am’hain.  As the cycles pass the child grows taller and moves from within the shadow of a Mother’s love into independence…..

Book Two
I Eternity’s Child
M’na watched Am’hain run after his Father into the woods, grabbing the huge bow in his hands as he trailed behind the great man who had become the Light of his little world. It warmed M’na’s heart to see how they had grown together, bonding more each day as the young child grew and learned.  How he had clung to his mother at first, never wanting to be anywhere but in her arms. And how she now longed for those moments once more. She was overjoyed at the friendship he was nurturing with his Father, but loneliness for her own physical connection with her child was as an ache within her.

Am’hain had grown in stature over these many cycles and was nearly as high as his Mother’s waist.  He was at ease with all living things in his world and walked among the animals with ease. His relationship with his environment  was as bright and full as was his love for his  mother and father. Even as he wobbled upon tiny legs, his ability to communicate with all of life was perfect; and he never questioned why there was not another young one like him in this, his new world. He asked many questions to which M’na and Fireann provided the answers the best way they could.

M’na taught her son to groom himself, to forage for the things of the forest which were good to eat, and which plants to use for healing, just as she had learned from Eagna.  She showed him also those things which were pleasing to the senses. Once, they wandered into the inner Garden, that place where she and Fireann first visited with Bandia. It had been there with her that they  procured the sticky sweet liquid from the Sacred tree of Living, that nectar which then spawned the seed that would become her precious son. She explained to Am’hain about the events of that day and what a miracle it had been. She also stressed the importance of communion with Spirit and the need to remember that he was never ever alone.  Even if somehow he would be separated from those closest to him, he should turn to Eternity for comfort.

The little ones face was at first furtive before his eyebrows relaxed and his nose scrunched up as he grinned and boldly replied, “I will never know of being alone, Mother, for you will never be gone far from me.”  His upturned face glowed, for he bore the faith of the innocent; and yet still he asked the unanswerable question. “Will you?”

In earnest, she had done what any parent would do from then until the end of time. She told a white lie with the truth of all truths behind it. “Of course not, my little one.  I will never ever leave you as long as I breathe the air of Dohman.”

He had been so young at the time; and she had patted his tiny brown head as she led him around to every corner of that special place, pointing out all of the magnificent flowers and plants that grew there and nowhere else.  She explained he was not to go there alone, for it was Sacred and there were many other places he could explore on his own.

As they were passing once more through the entry she  looked back over her shoulder at the tree of Creation and noticed the fruit hanging there, fully ripe and glowing in the orange sunlight.  She remembered her Mother Bandia’s admonition not to eat of it.  It was with wistful hesitation that she left the place of peace as her mind considered the possibility of future children, brothers and sisters for Am’hain. His birth seemed so long ago now…

These musings were interrupted by her son’s voice as he crashed back through the bushes and cursed himself. “By the Creators, I forgot my arrows!” Am’hain looked up at his mother briefly to smile before making his way back to join Fireann. When he saw her tear-filled eyes, he rushed over to hug her neck and ask if everything was alright.  M’na didn’t realize she had been weeping, so deeply in her thoughts had she ventured.

Reaching up to run her fingers through his tangle of hair, she smiled at him warmly. “I was only just now remembering the day you were born. It was a glorious day indeed. So tiny, so happy to see your Mother’s face. And now..”

He interrupted, “But Mother, I love to see your face every day! ” She glowed at the words, but he fidgeted as he tried to reassure his most beloved mother.  “Father is just going to show me how to shoot the hard fruits from the high trees now; and I want to learn it so that I might impress Eolas when he visits again,” he rambled on.

M’na smiled and patiently finished, “I was simply going to say that now you are so tall and so full in Spirit, it does a Mother’s heart good to see what a strong male you are becoming.  That’s all.”  She looked down at her hands as she spoke for fear he would know the truth in her eyes.  Lying to save him from guilt, a Mother’s sacrifice, was something new for M’na; but sacrifice was a thing she would come to know as her special gift.  Soon her Son would truly understand the depth of her Love and the weight of his gift to the World of Dohman.

With the assurance of her comforting words, Am’hain brushed her brow with a whisper of a kiss before darting  off into the woods, shouting as he went, “Father, wait! Don’t start yet. I have my arrows, the ones Laoch made for me….”

No greater love exists than a mother for her child…..

8 thoughts on “A Mother Grows Lonely/ Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

  1. Love comes out strongly in this episode. A mother’s love for her child. M’na’s love for her son, Am’hain. Deep. Rich. Affecting. Inextinguishable. People say many things about love but there’s really no love like a mother’s. It is the best. It is eternal. It is all.


      1. These are all true statements, Peter. And as a Mother I can tell you she takes her role quite seriously. It can lift her up or drive her to madness, depending on the condition her child may be in. And I can tell you with all certainty that love, even romantic love, never has filled me so much as the feeling of tiny arms wrapped around my legs or my neck when reuniting after a separation. I don’t think another feeling exists like that one for me.


  2. You have a great imagination Cheryl. I can’t make stuff up like that. Well I can but it has to be based very heavily on a true story.
    It’s kinda like lord of the rings. Mystical. Well done 🙂 Keep at it.


    1. Thank you so much for reading my humble story Frankie. One publisher I submitted to mentioned it being a lot like Tolkein’s work. I am honored by that. Most of the emotional aspect is based very much on personal experience. Ive just given it over to my characters. Besides, your own stories are just so great. You don’t need fictional characters! Thanks agiain for the feedback.


    1. Thank you Damyanti. So much in my book is about the emergence of some of our driving emotions as a new race of beings. Im glad you liked it. I am so disappointed I was uanble to begin the A to Z challenge on time. We just have had so much happening and now I am preparing for a move. I am writing in spurts. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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