Passion’s Dream


Another from the archives….


Passion’s Dream



I lie alone in the shadows of the night.

Through the darkness your passions come to me,

all enveloping.

I am lost in desire.


Heart’s resolve, the mind’s will to direct is

smothered by the fire that burns

within my breast.


Touch that sears my flesh and moves me to

helpless oblivion.

Voice that woos and tempts me, pulling me out of


My conscience withers beneath your gaze.


My body aches for oneness with yours,

so gentle yet so strong.

Heart pleading in earnest for release from its bonds.


All is in vain,

for your hands are on me, your breath hot

against my skin,

your voice pulling me to my purpose, your body

urging me to heights of ecstasy-

I die!


Opening my eyes I am suddenly lost, breathless,

damp with sweat.

If dreams can move me so, then surely I will lose

my very soul when you come to me.


Come to me….


copyright/Cheryl KP


18 thoughts on “Passion’s Dream

      1. Naah, I already write so much for my clients that by the end of the day I start hating my laptop, sometimes my wrist and finger ache so much I apply pain reliever before I go to bed. To write poems I need peace of mind 🙂


      2. Someday perhaps then. Most of my poems come to me in that instant of first waking, somewhere between awake and asleep, like Neverland. Sometimes I hear a whisper and I have to jump up to write down the first words. I cannot “make” poetry happen nor would I want to. Sorry about the sore fingers. It’s my neck that complains. haha. Happy week to you!


      1. I should have by now. I have a girl I love so much and I want to marry. She is a doctor, but sometimes, for months, she works night shifts. And I work at day from 8am to 5pm. I reach home from 6.30 because of traffic jam. Just when she’s leaving. Some days she is gone by the time I arrive. But we’re in love and that’s the best thing.


      2. It sounds like you are both working so hard. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, or at least it makes one appreciate their presence when together again. Love is all encompassing. I actually wrote that poem during a time of lengthy separation from my now husband, when we were first dating. Separation was a very real, very physical pain for me, as though a part of myself was gone. Hang in there. Your rewards will follow all your efforts.


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