Maiden in Waiting/An Ode to Magnolia


Maiden in Waiting


 Cheryl KP

Maiden in Waiting

How you blush
before the kiss of faint light
that promises to burn brightly soon
and give you reason to hide.

Your face upturned
to drink in the new light
of burgeoning season’s first
glimmer of urging.

Soon you will tire of
dancing in the light; and,
shedding your petticoats will
shiver, naked on the wood.

Summer’s heat doth make
an exhibitionist where
once stood a bashful bloom;
but do not hide from view.

For we all shall shed our
garments in delight when
finally that golden orb awakes
to melt our frozen dreams.

We shall dance over your
cast off finery, thinking
ourselves grand as the velvet
pink caresses our tender toes.

Pink carpet for lover’s and
children to dream upon
while they await the golden
kiss of Summer’s Daffodil.

Yaaay!! Spring is on the way!

16 thoughts on “Maiden in Waiting/An Ode to Magnolia

  1. Hi Cheryl. I think you should compile book of poetry. This is a great work. “Your face upturned/
    to drink in the new light/ of burgeoning season’s first/
    glimmer of urging.” I love this verse. Quite professional indeed.


    1. Thank you Peter. It has been suggested a lot lately, so much so that I am considering it seriously. I do love to write poetry. Id like to use my photos with the poems. Who knows? It may happen! Thank you for taking time to read my work and leave a comment. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.:))


  2. I will keep your poem and photo in mind as a reminder when I shovel snow later! I have a white magnolia tree (I can’t remember the species, but it’s the one where the flowers are delicate) and it’s the first in my garden to bloom, but is so fleeting, too. Spring coming up next month!


    1. Thanks for reading. Good luck with that shoveling. I don’t envy you that task. We have a lot of the traditional white magnolia trees here but I am not sure if that is the same as yours or if it is a white version of the Japanese tree. They are so lovely. The way they bloom and fall reminds me of oversize cherry blossoms.


    1. You know, Lysa, you are nit the first person to suggest that recently. I am seriously thinking I will do it. And it would give me a chance to share my photos as well. Thanks for the encouragement! Hope all is well with you this week. Loved your community blog post.


      1. Oh the photos would be a brilliant compliment to the poems. This week is off to a wonderful start 🙂 I hope you are doing well and I also included your suggestions in the community blog with a link to your site 😀


      2. Oh thank you so much. I appreciate that more than you know. I am glad you are having a great week so far. Right now I’m struggling with a project but I know it will work out the way it is meant o. Thanks again.


    1. Thanks. Id like to hear about that if ever you wan to share. I’m glad you liked the poem. I’ve been trying to visit your blog but it crashes my iPad. Need to get to my PC. That happens with blogs that have a lot of content and my device is so full. Thanks so much for reading my poem. Good luck with the A to Z work!


  3. Woww! That is beautifully written! 🙂
    Nd catches all our own dreams of an early and beautiful spring,which I am impaitently waiting on! lol
    Great poetry, you should write a book and get it published! I would sure buy a copy! 🙂



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