Regarding The Question of Me/Poetry





Where is me?

What is me?

A perception,

a thought,

a prayer,

a whim?


From what batter was I poured?

Primordial ooze or celestial ether?

Am I a fragment of what once was

or a culmination of the ages?


Who sees me?

Who knows me?

Do I know me,

or am I a figment of all others’ imaginings?


This dream, this walk among the living dead-

is it guided,


planned, plotted or designed?


If I could only stop the noise,

the incessant chatter

in my gray matter.

The voices lie,

they cry,

they laugh and chide.

They conspire to keep my thoughts occupied.


When I am still in that place of silence,

there comes the voice-

low, but audible, soft and clear.

It says,

“I am you.

You are me.

What more is there to know?”


Cheryl KP 2014







18 thoughts on “Regarding The Question of Me/Poetry

      1. What more is there to know…concerning thee: always IJN I love and long to keep knowing you!

        Without LOVE nothing is possible & NOTHING is sensless.
        LOVE makes All Things Possible, as well as Profitable to self and others. IJN


    1. Thanks. I love the moon. I used to photograph full moon nights all the time. Moon and the ocean-my friends. 🙂 I hope you have a great week. Be careful out there!


  1. Some serious questions. “Primordial ooze or celestial ether/ . . . a fragment of what once was/ or a culmination of the ages.” I ask these questions myself. Sometimes I feel unreal; I wonder what I am. The feeling comes suddenly when I’m engaged at something, at home, at work, or elsewhere; “What am I doing here?” I ask. “What is me? “How can I possibly be? How do I know that I am?” Then my mind wanders and I contemplate the world, the universe, life. Matter. Where did any of it come from? Where did SPACE come from? Why? There had to be space first for everything to occupy. Is anything real, or what’s going on? But I have no answers. So I just live. A day at a time. Whatever comes, what may come, I shall see.


    1. Precisely. It is fun to ponder the possibilities for therein lies our sense of freedom and wonder. In the end, we must live the live we have, understanding there is purpose whether fully realized or not. Personally I believe much of it simply has to do with our need to continue to experience life itself, in many ways. Otherwise we just exist. Perhaps it gets boring, perfection. What do you think?


      1. It doesn’t get boring. But it can cause anger. I get angry, even furious, sometimes when I think about it. How can I live and die before I understand any of it? I ask. The only things I know are incomplete theories laden with speculations and half truths, and all of which have been used to commit unspeakable atrocities against life. How could all this beautiful, simple, complexity called life just happen here by randomness or by creation of which we have no facts? I realize I will die before I discover the answers to the key questions respecting life and it makes me depressed and furious. I study Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Engineering, and the Bible, hoping to find the answers; but till now I have but scattered sketches, which, when I link, sound merely like another theory, which doesn’t help me much. I don’t want to die before I have something concrete!


      2. I completely understand what you are expressing. So much does not make sense. I hope you find your answers. I am still working on all the right questions. 🙂


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