Photo Session With Big Red


I headed out to trim my roses this morning and passed the front flower bed. There was Big Red, standing in front of the daisies. We named him Big Red because of the unusual rust colored patch on top of his head. There is a younger one just like him around lately as well. It was the first time either of us had seen one with this coloring.


Big Red is the new King of the mini Jurassic World around here and is quite confident and curious. He listens when I talk. This morning he gave me quite the photo op. Perhaps he was too preoccupied with molting or maybe he has a nest somewhere in the flower bed he was protecting. Either way he and I enjoyed each other for a few quiet moments.


Good morning Big Red!
Care for a morning chat?




Gads, this molting…is…so…itchy….







Aren’t the daisies fine today?



Oh my I see it’s your time of transformation



“You’re pretty sharp, camera lady!”



And what a fine tail you have!



“Yes but do capture the glory that is my crimson crown. Isn’t it grand?”



Yes, indeed,  you are quite the specimen of lizard perfection, Red!



Wait. Let me frame you in the lush foliage.



Yeah, yeah….. work it baby. Strut that stuff. You’ve got the look!



“Be sure to get my good side too, Camera Lady”



“Ok, Camera Lady. I’m off to find breakfast. I know I saw an ant somewhere around here..”


Big Red and I decided change is good. We are shedding old skins, old habits, gonna make a change. How about it? Could you make some changes for the better in your life?

We miss your messages of love Michael..

16 thoughts on “Photo Session With Big Red

  1. I love these little fellows. In Mississippi I had such a lizard to sun himself on the front steps. He’d sit there even when I came out with my cup of coffee. I would actually rub his back. He seemed to like it. I think my porch was such a good feeding ground, bugs and spiders that he came to like my presence! 🙂
    Great pics! Thanks for posting.


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