No Small Thing




flitting from this

to that-

seemingly with ease.




giving it all

for others to please.


Minding my own business

as I try to survive

in a cold world that hardly notices me

until I try to say hello-



Whew. Another close call.


Kindred spirits, all are we

if we open eyes and hearts to see,

this circle of life, a magical ring

where we share this moment-

no small thing!


CherylKP copyright 2017


As so often happens when I am viewing life through the camera lens, nature shows up, longing to be recognized. This fly kept landing on my husband’s hand until I snapped its picture. Then it left. There truly are no ‘small things’.

I have recently had a very heartbreaking friendship loss and tried to understand its purpose. The best I can do is hope that the things I did for good are not forgotten and whatever ‘sin’ I committed is someday revealed to me and forgiven. But I must forgive myself for somehow failing this person and remember my own heart knows no enemies. I just found this quote by the Buddha today and love it.


Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds. 


16 thoughts on “No Small Thing

  1. Friendship losses are rarely sudden. They usually happen over months and years until we realize that we haven’t been in touch for too long. And then, sometimes, it’s too late to pick up that thread again. I hope you are able to figure out what happened in your friendship. Otherwise, it will nag at you for ages, and that is not good!

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    1. Thank you. I have reached out but no response. I have to assume this is how it is meant to be at this time. I once lost touch with a dear friend from high school and after a few years we met up again. We picked up right where we left off and have still remained close.

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  2. We never know sometimes why people come into our lives and then leave. I try to enjoy each journey knowing there must have been a lesson there either for me to have learned or for them. It’s harder when they leave and we’re not ready! I’m sorry. I know how that feels. xx


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