Lost and Found

As we move through this dream we call life, the landscape changes, sometimes beautifully, while at others the dark clouds roll and seem to block the light. Our focus becomes blurred as we attempt to focus on the big picture, filtering the input that is so often deafening, overwhelming and influential.


A patch of green is simply grass, needing a trim and water, cool beneath our feet as we trample it without paricular conscience. After all, it is only grass. Right?



Yet when we take a moment to slow our heartbeat, calm our mind’s chattering voices, and connect with the soul of Mother Earth;  the landscape becomes suspended, frozen in time, and takes on a new essence. We become one with all of existence. In that moment our eyes become focused in a different way.




The green patch of grass becomes more than the sum of its parts. Do you see a tiny glint of white, nestled there among the green? Wait, there is more than grass to be seen. Tiny wild green specimens nestle together, cohesively, cooperatively to create the whole.


Look more closely still and see, there is more to that tiny speck of white.




Another grows from the dark earth that welcomes any living thing with sustenance, no matter the color, shape, species or size. It cares not that every living thing be green or white, tall or short, female or male. All that matters is that the living things grow in harmony, connected by the desire to thrive.


Among the wild things there is a symbiosis that is missing in organized gardening-and human living, all too often. In an effort to improve appearances, to satisfy the false sense of unity, there begins a culling out of that which is thought not so pretty, that which seems out of place-no matter that it is a cooperative part of the whole. This does not bring improvement, instead inciting chaos and destruction in the wake of perceieved perfection’s cruel judgment.  What is truly necessary is to look more closely, to see the beauty that we miss with too broad a view.




What once seemd a simple patch of green grass takes on a new brilliance. Tiny miracles lie in wait there to be acknowledged, admired, revered! Life in the tiniest, most seemingly insignifcant of forms is life, adding the glint of brilliance that makes a patch of green grass seem a bit more like a precious gem. Look closer still and see..




Not one, but two….




And three…four…how many more are playing hide and seek, afraid to peek their heads out for fear of extrication, eradication, humiliation, frustration, anhialation….


Only when we begin to view the parts of the whole as individually magnificent, as perfection in unique separateness, will we even scratch the surface of the wonderful human race we can be as a whole. The greatness of any organism is only as magnificent as the sum of its parts. When we are all accepted as equal, that sum is limitless. In our present state, we lose value with every passing moment.


Please look….see….be more than you ever imagined by lifting someone else above their highest hope for themselves. Do it today!




We were all meant to fly, to soar and shine.


13 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. The little things are really the big things. I say that often. It’s true, and you have opened eyes in your post to that! My grandmother always said, “Stop and smell the roses.” There is so much to see when you really take the time to look. Thank you, Cheryl.


  2. Perfect post, Cheryl! If there any contests running now you should enter this piece. The world we live in as a dream is a perfect metaphor for the intro and looking beyond colors is something everyone has to do.

    Now, I have to cut my lawn again; put some weed killer and fertilizer on it last week cause my wife noticed clovers growing in the new lawn we put in but I’ll be mowing with a guilty conscious now 😉


    1. Ha. Well thank you. If you know of any I would be happy to enter. As for your conscience, it is always good to change one’s perspective. I feel much better about your mowing than weed killing. We all do what we must. I have a son who is also an organic gardener. He tells me that cultured grass is the true weed and before we planted grass seed the weeds and wildflowers did well together. He has lovely wildflowers in his overgrown under fertilized yard. 😉


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