Touch Me in the Morning/One-Liner Wednesday

I have been in a more philosophical, melancholy yet hopeful mood of late.  Watching bees do their pollination rituals always stirs me. I find it an almost sensual experience. They are so serious yet gentle as they probe for the golden nuggets needed to bring continuation of Mother Nature’s colorful, bright children. What do you think?




This image brought to mind one of my favorite Diana Ross songs..enjoy. Be gentle to one another today.

Please visit our host Linda Hill  for the rules of this prompt event and to find other great #1linerWeds posts.


10 thoughts on “Touch Me in the Morning/One-Liner Wednesday

  1. Great photo. I love that song too. She just performed close to us this year but I didn’t go. Perhaps I should put her on my list for next year if she comes around again. Never know how long they will be with us.


  2. That flower is beautiful, Cheryl and I love the way that bee seems to be being so gentle. Thanks for including the song, otherwise it would be stuck in my head all day.


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