Escape Hatch/#Thursdaydoors

Not many words necessary for this post. I had so hoped to be sharing gorgeous Costa Rica doors opening upon mountain paradise views with you. But Nature has yet again bitch slapped us in the face with her wrath. Terror, thy name is Irma.





The little door I like to call home. I pray it is still there when we return




Our escape hatch doors…




The kids seem kinda worried. I think we’ll need a drink soon. And often. All my Florida friends please stay safe, drive friendly and be smart. Hugs!

This is part of Norm Frampton”s Thursday Doors prompt but I honestly don’t have it in me to do the link process. Wait! I found out my good friend Dan Antion at No Facilities is hosting this week. He’s awesome .

Love you all!


 So glad we got out last weekend to enjoy a beautiful day of sunshine and the natural Florida beauty and wildlife. My heart breaks to think of the devastation this land faces.

31 thoughts on “Escape Hatch/#Thursdaydoors

  1. I have family there. Mom cut her vacation visiting my brother out of the country to get home to batten down the hatches. She arrived home last night. I’m keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!

    Stay safe and let us know how you’re doing! xx


  2. Totally worried and wishing you guys as much good luck as is necessary to get to safety and this storm leaves you alone. You are in our thoughts and prayers until no longer required. Take care.


  3. Oh I am so sorry about this monster storm! I have friends and family thtoughought Florida and well – praying for all of you all!
    And nice doors connected to this evacuation – so sorry again!


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