Rhyme and Reason


Why did the turtle cross the road?

Why can’t the turtle jump like a toad?




Why can’t a toad swim anymore

with the tail of a fish as it did before?




Why does the bee cling to the bloom?

Why does the flower fear not doom?




No need to sting the bloom, you see;

for it does not threaten the lowly bee.




Why does the dragonfly breathe no fire?

Why is fire the heart of desire?

Why should desire consume the soul

and rend apart what once was whole?




Where does the butterfly sleep at night

when its heartbeat slows and ends its flight?

Must butterflies have to earn their wings

and discourse with angels, do they softly sing?




We must protect the ones that fly…




and swim and crawl and wonder why

the humans still refuse to learn

as they strip, deplete, poison and burn.




This gift of existence, rare and sweet

is in perfect balance with one heartbeat.




Listen, feel!

Nothing is real..




Save the constant, sweet

gentle heartbeat..





of Eternity~





Seize the day!!


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