Just Under the Flag/#Thursday Doors

Okay, I admit it. I am SO late to Norm’s Thursday Doors Event So, without further ado, here is my contribution. (I know, tick tock…)

For once my Dan Antion instincts kicked in at a time when I could actually take advantage of a Thursday Doors inspiration. Normally my eye goes to the food (okay there is one food photo ) 

Or…the birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees, the poetry.

😱There I go again! Anyway…

After a long work day, nothing relaxes me more than a walk on the beach. Smelling the salt air, watching the seagulls and feeling the sand beneath my feet just rests my clock. Hubby was kind enough to join me but not for the walking part. He agreed to save me a barstool at my destination point, an iconic bar/restaurant called Racing’s North Turn.

This nice little venue is dedicated to the remembrance of the days of beach racing, when the cars made their start here at the north turn. The original restaurant was known as The Sandpiper Bar and Restaurant and they they served up boxed lunches for race day.

Racing began on the Beaches of Daytona in 1936  until WWII and continued through the first Grand National Race in 1948, running right outside the doors of the bar.

In 1958 NASCAR relocated to the new Super Speedway where so many thrilling races have run since then. We have had the fun and pleasure of going to the Coke Zero 400 and Turkey Run events there. It is always a thrill for me, but can you just imagine seeing a live race on the beach?  Wow. Racing groupies must have been in heaven. Excuse the quality of the photos. Using my cell phone and shooting photos OF photos produces a glare. I just wanted you to experience the feel of the restaurant




The walls are filled with framed images  of all the famous races and drivers who did the run over the years and cases lining the walls are studded with memorabilia.




Okay, I know, doors. Here are some great doors. The food is bar fare, served up quick and with a smile. The bartenders and wait staff are great.  The do-it-yourself seating varies from a small indoor area to (my fave) an outside bar with live music and patio seating with a superb beach view.




This car? I posted it twice? That’s because it bears repeating.



THIS guy?

Auto racing great Richard Petty He is part of a family of racing greats. His Dad Lee won the first Daytona 500 in 1959. I think everyone knows racer Kyle Petty, Richard’s son, also a NASCAR great. I can say that Richard is a nice guy and an  all around good sport. How many famous people will let a few dozen rabid fans interrupt their seafood dinner for photos and chit chat?



I consider myself one lucky gal! During race weeks in Daytona you might see one of the many drivers at any local venue.

Oh yeah… the doors that inspired this post were not the most glamorous but certainly the most necessary in that moment. And I thought they were cute. 😉



And so, like many a good tale, mine ends at the beginning. You see, I always enter the bar from a long beach walk. This time we left by the front door.

Front door of Racing’s North Turn
Nice littel road racer replica
Yeah, my cheesy sign moment
Daytona beach. Can’t you just see the cars running it?
My real happy place!

Happy Weekend guys! Get out there and dream a nice dream for all the world.

12 thoughts on “Just Under the Flag/#Thursday Doors

  1. Being a former biker chick, I knew of the racing history on Daytona Beach. When I was married, a friend of ours trailered the Harleys down to Florida (he has a place in Homosassa) and we went down during Daytona Bike Week. We were there for only a day, but we stopped at Daytona Speedway to check out vendors and then drove in a long, slow line down to the beach. We rode the Harleys on the beach, sans any racing. A very cool experience that I will not forget.

    Thanks for all of the lovely photos of doors and cars and Richard Petty. How awesome for you, Cheryl, that you were able to meet him and get a photo. The restaurant is so inviting and their food looks fabulous. It’s making me hungry! 🙂


    1. Yep, Bike weeks get really crazy here. We generally stay clear if ISB during ose times but I am longing to catch another race soon. I can hear the cars running during the Rolex 24. I like ti imagine Patrick Dempsey out there, round and round…😉What a great experience for you to have been a part of the bking celebration. The food at that place is good as far as bar fare goes but with icy beer and that view, it seems amazing. Thanks Mary.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t realize they started out racing on the beach. That must have been an amazing experience for fans and drivers. That burger looks very good. I love it when they add a nice crisp pickle to the fixins. Good doors, nice photos and a bitbof history – my kind of post. I hope the rest of your weekend is great. Thanks for the link.


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