Why I Love #Guardians of the Galaxy


And the story. See the films. Enjoy the fun, the fantasy, the weirdness. Immerse yourself in the dream of possibilty. Oh, and bring tissues. 😥

PS This clip contains ending scenes from GG2. Spoiler Alert. Still had to share. This song epitomizes the film’s themes. Love Cat Stevens.


11 thoughts on “Why I Love #Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. I watched it. I was intrigued by the structure of Ego (aptly named) planet. I kept thinking that what if the Great Mother’s brain is the core of earth and we are busy killing it? I couldn’t get the thought out of my head.


    1. All I keep thinking is it is the same story I am telling, only differently. Essence begat Thought begat Ego begat Creation….the masculine and feminine susceptible to the pitfalls of ego but in different ways. At first I thought it odd that Ego chose such crude and non descript forms to depict his ‘his story’ but then it makes sense that something so shallow would be much less brilliant than original creation.

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    1. You should see it Dan. It is fun, slightly ridiculous, but with so much heart, humor and human condition that the ride is worth the bumps. And you should see the first movie so you get the original background story. They leave no human relationship stone unturned.

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