13 thoughts on “Poised/#wordlessWednesday/photography

    1. Wow Maggie. I’m so honored. i am a huge Audubon fan. We have a plantation home and park dedicated to him back in Louisiana where he lived and tutored a young girl at the Oakley Plantation. Thank you! 😊

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      1. It is funny, Maggie, how often we don’t connect things. Your comment made me recall a childhood memory. One of the first coloring books I got as a child was a book of birds with a wheel of colored pencils. I loved that book! Thanks for the memory. 😊

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    1. An-hing-a(ah). They are amazing birds, great underwater swimmers and fishers. I love to photograph them when they are preoccupied drying their wings. Tha ks Deborah. Their feathers are so defined but their necks look like teddy bear fur.

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