OutDoors #Thursdaydoors/Photography

Ready for a relaxing fun evening
Sitting on the deck overlooking the river
It’s such a peaceful and lovely place to be
The river so still, reflecting the evening sky
Amazing rare tuna tacos with mango salsa
Oh! Right. The DOOR. To a gorgeous view of the river
And here, one of the doors to my heart
Darn. We really had our hearts set on feeding the alligators. While swimming of course!

Today’s post was a part of Norm’s Thursday Doors. Hop over to his place for more great doors!

26 thoughts on “OutDoors #Thursdaydoors/Photography

  1. As Amy says above: “Do you know I’ve been following you for years and just recently found out you are Dan’s Cheryl?”

    Came to me 5 seconds ago. 😀 Sorry for calling you Dweezer.


    1. I go by that nickname in different arenas so no worries. So glad you meet you too! Love your blog. Thanks for the follow! Looks like we can thank Dan for bringing us together in many ways. Now, what will you all be drinking? 😉

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    1. Unfortunately even with signs tragedy iccurs such as the three year old whose parents let her wade in waters at a Disney resort and was dragged away and killed by one. There were signs…

      Liked by 1 person

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