So….finally Spring’s wonders hit me like a stray bullet. I haven’t had an allergy attack in several years but the Oaks are blooming, we have had some rain,  and Nature is rejuvenating itself. I don’t play with my sinuses because unchecked allergies lead to infections and weeks’ worth of misery. I went straight to the clinic for their “magic potions”; and, since I had nothing else to do but not get up much, I went through my portfolio of images, seeking magic of a different kind-the kind that heals the heart and soul. Here is just a bit of what I found…..


Suspended. Lavender has real healing powers when infused in teas or put into sachets..
The heart of the rose is golden
Faded but not forgotten
They dance, they sing. Such joy they bring!
Marigolds of crimson and gold
I’m comin’ for YOU! Camera lady…
Crabby adventures in the mangrove
Suddenly it flies, slow runs my heart…
Grace and beauty find its way into my yard!
Butterflies are free…


14 thoughts on “Magical

    1. Hi Sharukh! How are you? I miss seeing you as much but have had so much more time now being off FB. I’ll be posting photos of my recent art project soon. I think you’ll like it.

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    1. Yes it is an anole. I see more of the brown lizards here so am always pleasantly surprised to see the little greens. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked the photos.


  1. I hope you guys (including Deborah here) start to get some relief. In the meantime, if this is an indication of the beauty sitting in your “I haven’t used them yet” folder, feel free to keep them coming – these are beautiful.


    1. Thanks Dan. I feel better already. As homeopathic as I am, when I get a real allergy attack with sinus infection, just give me the prednisone and lets get over this. Perks are that my energy level boosts and hubby gets waffles made BEFORE I head off to work! Lol i have so many photos. But sometimes I am not sure which I have shared. Glad you liked them.

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  2. That rose is stunning!

    My sinuses have been so clogged up this week that I called in a standing prescription for sinus spray. It’s starting to kick in so hopefully I’ll stave off a full blown infection. Spring and a fickle barometer play havoc with the pressure in my head.

    I hope the meds are working for you too!


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