Super St Augustine/Random 16

We had the good fortune to spend the holiday weekend in beautiful St. Augustine.  But like all places that are touched by humanity, there are those strange moments.  This post is a multiple for you.  The first is the reason for the title of today’s post. It was “guarding” the back yard of a beach house we strolled by on our way to watch the sunrise.

St Augustine copyright may 2017 CKP 153.NEF

Looks like the guy is the “Big ‘O'” around the old beach house. I actually didn’t see the superhero costume from the distance we were walking; but once I zoomed in, the image really tickled me.

St Augustine copyright may 2017 CKP 131

Not a lot to be said about this pair of idiots.  Not for smoking (that is debatable).  but for planting more than one set of butt prints on the beautiful beach when trash containers are a short distance away.

St Augustine copyright may 2017 CKP 087.NEF-001

I mean, who needs a water pistol when you have the ocean in front of you?

I shudder to think what would happen in case of a sharknado, and this one without their weapon!


Just……bummer, dude.  Hope it was a magnificent flight.

St Augustine copyright may 2017 CKP 055.NEF

Ummmm………something tells me even a cool glass of tea isn’t reviving this little crawdad.  That’s one hot tub party you don’t climb out of.

The sunrise?? Oh yeah… was magnificent!!!

St Augustine copyright may 2017 CKP 093.NEFSt Augustine copyright may 2017 CKP 120.NEFSt Augustine copyright may 2017 CKP 132.NEF

Enjoy one of my favorite songs by the fabulously mellow Band of Horses

St. Augustine.

Have a brilliant week everyone!

10 thoughts on “Super St Augustine/Random 16

  1. Oh my goodness, Cheryl, these are wonderful photos. The sunrise would have been enough reason for the walk, but SuperOwl is awesome! You’re right about the butts, I’ve never understood why people just flick those anywhere and everywhere, especially when it would be so easy to dispose properly. And yead, that crawdad is in trouble.


    1. Haha. Yep Dan no hope for that. Crustacean. Just yesterday we saw a very you g woman at Target choosing a cart from the return coral. She found the one she wanted, reached in and pulled out a blue paper, turned on her heel with it, and flipped the paper over her shoulder onto the pavement. Really?! 😳

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      1. I like to blame it on Dr. Spock ( the real one, not Captain Kirk’s buddy) for telling all the young baby boomer mothers that you should never spank your children or let your babies cry. Just let them grow up thinking the world is their oyster, and shuck the rest of us! 🤣😒

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