A Time for Spring

Very recently while enjoying rare quality family time, I spotted this little sweetie in a nearby tree. Ready to be in the spotlight, the happy robin pranced up and down the branch, stopping to pose,  as the trees in the courtyard rained down delicate white confetti-like blossoms all around. It was magical.

If Robins herald the true beginning of Spring, then Spring has sprung in Lincoln, Nebraska!

Even Robin was enthralled with the beauty of those falling blossoms.

Sometimes it is difficult choosing between capturing a precious moment and just taking time to savor it….

If one is conscientious, there can be the opportunity for both.

Thanks to the guys at Tavern on the Square. You are awesome. They even have a bank of pay as you need phone charging docking lockers which were a lifesaver for me. Being with loved ones, especially those you don’t get together with often enough, is invigorating, heartwarming and soul quenching. When I caught the robin about to fly, I snapped a final frame with unexpected results. The photo perfectly expresses how I felt in that moment.

Hope you are enjoying Spring in whatever way it has manifested in your world.

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