Random 12/What Happens in Lincoln…

On a Friday night.  Traces leave us to wonder.


Bakery reject? One might sympathize. Not the tastiest looking doughnut, or perhaps a wave of guilt and a flick of the wrist. Doggie delight!


in another dimension…


I dare not venture a guess. There WAS a sports event going on though…

What happens in Lincoln

stays in Lincoln!

20 thoughts on “Random 12/What Happens in Lincoln…

    1. Those are nice guesses Mary. I just can’t imagine…. there are not many fast food places in that area of town so the doughnut may have been a mishap. Still…it isn’t the prettiest is it? 😉

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      1. 😱5 second rule does not apply when walking on city pavement! Or in dog parks. Or beaches….you know I don’t think there’s a doughnut that tastes good enough to not leave behind.

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