Once An Optician…..Random 7/Photography

Today we woke to gorgeous, perfect weather and I asked for a jaunt to one of the beaches.  The sky was blue, the ocean aqua…..


and my feet were happy….


Ohhhhh so happy!

Even the seabirds were basking in the sunshine. Hey, Dan !  Recognize anyone in the group? Looks like Terns and Skimmers get along quite well with seagulls.



Unless the photographer gets too close.


What?  The random moment, you ask?

As we walked along, hubby saw something shining in the sand; and with both of us having been in the eye care industry as professions, we were of course intrigued by these perfectly good reading glasses.Someone sunbathing nearby said they had been lying there all afternoon and that different people had picked them up only to discard them again in different places.  I guess no one values you when you come from the dollar store. We tried to walk away, really we did.  But my love of sand art and my history with glasses fitting just screamed inside my head; and after several over-the-shoulder glances back to where they lay-so lonely and abandoned-well…..


They needed a purpose.   I think he wears them nicely,  don’t you?

Yeah….I did speak to him about the smoking, said he’s gotten the patch and all;  so we just have to wait and see what washes up.


Hope you are all having an amazing weekend!

37 thoughts on “Once An Optician…..Random 7/Photography

    1. Haha! What are the odds finding a butt like that for my sculpture? Especially here. The beaches are pretty darn clean, generally speaking. We, as a people, could take a lot of clues from the natural world. Glad you enjoyed the birds! Lee is the one who first spotted the Skimmers. He said, “Look! For Dan.” 😊

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      1. Yes! And they can take off like an Osprey jet too! I need to look them up again and read more about their habits. I don’t recall eing ne before. We go to the beach a lot too.

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