Moonbeams and Moondreams/Art

Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I love to take photos. And I love the moon. And I take photos of the moon every chance I get. I love to glimpse her face in the shadows of the trees; and like a voyeur, she watches us from the velvet night canvas. I loved this shot.


As I played with the editing I did a neon version and reduced the color to monochrome, realizing how intricate the lines of the leaves were against the black background. I beagn, as always is the case, to see images within the shadow and lines.


My husband often says my mind is a wild place and he is right. It never rests. In all things I see beyond the surface. In the bark of a tree, the clouds in the sky, in the foam on the ocean….nothing is at it seems. Life within form, depth beyond dimension. And so my mind convinced my hands to create, images that I saw within the shadows.


And the Goddess within is the Mermaid in the Moon!

I call it Moonbeams and Moondreams.

From your little moondreamer. 😉

Copyright CherylKP 2017

8 thoughts on “Moonbeams and Moondreams/Art

    1. Hello Leon! Thank you for always being your loving, supportive self. I truly believe our salvation lies within. All that truly exists is within our souls and not of this physical world. Much love to you both. 💕

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