14 thoughts on “Random 2

  1. I think the alien child that keeps us as pets has left our cage unattended again.
    Mom alien will be mad he lost us.


  2. Cheryl, I’d guess it’s a kids toy. Looks like the ball might have been in a package (top part in the road has a plastic hook ) and probably it was run over and broken apart . Hmmm. 💛 Christine


    1. That was my guess except for one thing. This is a seniors neighborhood and the canine population is half the total. Most are little yappers. It would appear the owners are about as lazy with putting away toys as they are with putting trash in its proper place! 😕


  3. There’s nowt so lonely
    than a ball with no bat
    There’s nowt so empty
    Than a hall with a fallen hat

    Lonely is a hanger
    left alone on a road
    Dropped cold like a clanger
    Surplus to someones load

    Woe is the ball
    and woe is the hanger
    Disparate in time
    and occupying space
    Cast adrift together
    in this desolate place

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