Maiden Flight


I never imagined, when I took my evening stroll around the yard,  that I would be more thrilled than watching the golden ladies swaying in the evening breeze. But a little scratching on the roof drew my attention away from the garden; and as I shielded my eyes against the glare of the setting sun, I almost didn’t believe what I saw.


A hawk? Should I run for my camera before it disappeared again or run for cover in case it had a nest nearby and felt protective? Then I stepped away from the light and took a second look. To my pure amazement and joy, I realized the intruder was a baby Osprey! It spread its wings a little bit and staggered, finding a place of balance on the edge of the roof as a few remaining downy birth feathers fluttered in the breeze.

I went inside and returned with my camera, taking dozens of photos over the next hour as I sat nearby, just watching this new arrival to the Dream. It was so calm, so patient, so willing to wait for what this new life had to offer. We looked into each other’s eyes with so much unspoken appreciation. I silently wished it well and whispered that I hoped it would come back to visit again. Already so much wisdom in its eyes….what an honor to have shared its first voyage into adventure-its maiden flight.


19 thoughts on “Maiden Flight

  1. What a lovely post! The experience you had was surely magical. I love these moments that we are back to being one with nature rather than the crazy species we’ve become.


  2. I am so glad you got to see this Cheryl and so very glad it was there when you returned with your camera! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us. Have a great weekend!


    1. It really is like a broadway show, with each group taking the stage from week to week. Now the pink ladies are coming to perform. I am hopeful for a grand production someday when they give an encore with everyone dancing together! 👏🏻 The osprey was such a gift. Thank you.

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    1. It was a most sacred experience for me. Thank you. And the personal messages in it was very clear. My own “baby bird” is about to embark on a new life as well and I am avoiding the fear of not having control over the outocme or his day to day well being. While he left our nest a few years ago now, he has always been close to family. This is a solo flight for him and a daunting challenge on many levels. One thing that my friend expressed is that both of us need to be fully conscious in every moment, to breathe and feel the essence of life, gaining balance and certainty before we move forward. We all start somewhere and face new beginnings throughout our lives. It is how we view and accept these changes that defines how successful we become.

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      1. Wow. Then I am doubly pleased that you were able to have this experience and see it for what it was. Thank you for sharing that… there was a message in there that mattered for me too. Have a wonderful weekend, dweezer…


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