A World in Progress/Forever Never


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright all content 2015

The world of Domhan moves on and each inhabitant knows their role as it was written, but to what purpose is yet uncertain.  The Cave Dwellers make their way to the Horsemen but at least one Light Bringer is restless and lonely for his companion.  So much prosperity and growth spreads across Inion’s world, and yet the living force rising from it may well blur their vision of Eternity….

A World in Progress

Rith and the small entourage from the Caves were eager to meet the silent Watchers in the woods; and their excitement grew as they drew closer to the forest’s borders, pulling their gift laden carts behind them.  As soon as they reached the clearing of Juntos, shouts of welcome and excited chatter among its inhabitants fell on happy ears.  In the newly awakened village the guests were welcomed enthusiastically, and they, in turn, showed their appreciation with gifts. The richly colored crystals and stones which they presented to their hosts were accepted with awed whispers by the males and cries of delight from the females.  Even more precious, the cargo of dark rock which they had spent their lives bringing up from the lower caves of their homeland,  was received by the males with nothing short of deep reverence; for this meant that their own purpose, as written in the Word upon the rock, would now be made manifest. And so it was.

Paying careful attention to the prophetic instructions of both tribes, and with the aid of the four legged horses for transport, the newly acquainted peoples were able to share their resources and knowledge to begin an era of great change on Domhan.  New tools and weapons were designed, these being forged of harder, more durable substance than that of their former wood and stone varieties. Although not certain of the purpose for all these instruments, the gentle folk followed their prophecy unquestioningly, determined that when the moment arrived, it would not find them ill prepared.

These new weapons,-swords of heavy metal,-could fell small trees in a single blow and crush rock into dust. Although the villagers continued to hunt according to their tradition, they learned to wield and master these new tools so that they need only  take them up and go forth as necessary. They found many other uses for the new material and utilized it well, forging vessels for cooking and movable parts for their new transport boxes. So many ideas spilled from their minds, so many things to create, it was as though they had been reborn, and with new enthusiasm.

La Palabra continued to tend to the spiritual and health needs of her people as Guia remained Guide and Counselor.  Eolas began his journey to create the language of writing that he had imagined and began teaching it to the others. Many cycles passed, many moons both full and slivered, until he knew the moment of his first child’s birth was drawing near.  Realizing how long he had been away from his home, Eolas felt lonely for his beloved and was ashamed to have left Eagna alone for so long.

Palabra assured The Hunter his beloved was safely with another, a Sorceress, the Light One she herself hoped to meet soon.  Evan with her assurances, Eolas would not be stilled in his worry for his loved ones and knew he had to see Eagna again soon.

It was during a journey from Juntos to the land of Cave that he chose to leave the work behind and return to his homeland to surprise Eagna at last. The true surprise was to be for him, however, after arriving there only to find the home empty. With a heavy, lonely heart, the Hunter fought to subdue the fears that were lurking in his heart as he went over the entire place, finding that all was in perfect order. It was clean and tidy, with nothing askew, and no sign of hasty departure. He sat on the bed where he had lain with Eagna what seemed so long ago now, his head in his hands, wanting to weep for his disappointment.   Quietly, a voice from within whispered to him, reminding him of something the new arrival, Rith, had said to him regarding the Sorceress, Naofa.  Rith said she did not accompany them to Jinetes because she needed to get to her friend who may be in need.  He could only guess-and hope-that the females were together somewhere safe and sound. He kept this thought, and Eagna’s face, at the forefront of his mind as he  made the journey back to Juntos.

Naofa was true to her word, accompanying Eagna home, her sloping meadow and still, clear lake, her tiny home which was sorely in need of attention. Together they cleared away dust and cobwebs, brightened the place with freshly picked flowers and herbs, and enjoyed the peaceful comfort that Eagna always inspired wherever she lived. Naofa admired her ability to transform any place into a home-and so quickly. Just a few natural things here and there along with something steaming or bubbling over the fire lent an atmosphere of welcome that was irresistible. Perhaps she should take a lesson or two from this wise and patient female. Patience had not been a strong point for Naofa thus far.  In the presence of such warmth and comfort, the Sorceress almost held out hope that someday she would find her own companion, work to make a home, know love and to..well, that seemed so far removed from where she was in her current situation, it seemed too painfully enticing to consider seriously.

Instead she considered what their world was going to be like with the addition of so much new life. Amhain had brought so much richness to the life of M’na and Fireann, and their most fervent hope was an increase in that happiness with the coming of a new child.  Eolas and Eagna were also very deserving of such a gift. She simply would not allow her mind to drift to the darker aspect of the miracle, of the deception…. and a good thing it was, for the Dark Watcher had become ever more diligent in finding moments to peer through his portal, as always unable to control the impatience that permeated his being.

In Foirfeachta M’na settled into making ready for the infant soon to arrive, while the males continued their bonding, hunting and loving care for the female who balanced so delicately on the ebb and flow of her emotional ocean.  Many cycles and moons passed uneventfully across the face of Domhan but for the unfolding of the prophecy.  Those who kept watch over the Word were bewildered when they realized that no more were their lives being foretold to them. No new etchings appeared on the black cave walls, no visions came to the blind Fhair, and there were no more night terrors for the Light Ones. Many late night discussions around dwindling firelight brought no conclusions to the questioning minds of the humans that sought to enhance their own lives through creation.

Had they been abandoned by Eternity? Of course not, the Wise Counselors assured them; and so they continued their meditations and ceremonies, receiving the signs they were promised as they faithfully accepted that they were not alone on their world. Their cycles were long and productive and filled with hope. Before long, many of the females were with child; and there was an intense energy rising from Domhan’s surface, a contradiction that glowed as a bright beacon even as it forged a formidable barrier between them and their Creators…..

to be continued…….

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Love and Light..

5 thoughts on “A World in Progress/Forever Never

  1. Why won’t the narrator let Naofa get a companion? She longs for it. Especially in view of the unconditional love that surrounds her.
    And there is no more communication from the Creators . . . even Ar’tine is no longer threatening, for “there were no more night terrors for the Light Ones”.
    What’s next now? Looks like the Creators have accomplished their purpose. Bringing the World together.
    Then, the question of purpose arises . . . What’s all this for? That’s one question for which I have never the answer. I don’t know if I ever will.


    1. Did you ever go back and read the first chaoters Peter? The actual creation, the beginning of Domhan? Pure energy became thought and the thought was that it was lonely and bored and longed to know itself. Thus Mac and Inion were born, but they became lonley to know creation from within, first their worlds and then life from themselves. Withe very separation was lost a bit of Original Wholeness, thus created the dark rift of the soul. And in that darkness lies fear, loathing, and all emotion not true to the unconditional love of Great Spirit. The hard part is to recognize that both light and dark live within us and we must accept and embrace it, bringing the light to the dark p,aces rather than teying to destroy it, for that means destroying a part of ourselves. What should be a dance of lovely shadow and light has become a bitter and endless battle for control. As if kne could live without the other. Wow. i think I have just shortened my book. Tha ks Peter! 😄😄


  2. Great chapter Cheryl. I particularly like the line: “So many ideas spilled from their minds, so many things to create” – It’s the way I feel when I’ve learned a new skill or purchased a new tool. My mind races with ideas.


    1. I can definitely see that Dan. I think it is the way with the human mind, especially for mechanically inclined folks. For me it’s the need to constantly be creating something..art, jewelry, food, words.

      Liked by 1 person

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