Whispers in Eternity/Forever Never


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright all content 2015

Domhan is buzzing with new life, bursting with invention and progress, even in the shadow of an uncertain future.  How are they to know if their dreams/visions and the dangers suggested by dark forces are true predictions or merely wisps of possibility?  All they know to do is continue on, be thankful for the sense of peace surrounding their world and look to the Realm to watch over them as promised.

And in that Realm……

Whispers in Eternity

“It is very beautiful-the halo…,” Mac said of the brilliant aura encircling Inion’s world. “It feels so dense. Do you think you would be able to penetrate such a force if you needed to reach your children on their world?”

“I haven’t tried,” replied Inion, thoughtfully. “They are doing so well now that the gift of creation is with them. Look how far they have come with their inventions and communal way. I couldn’t have asked for a fairer outcome for..” Mac interrupted her insistently.

“Yes, but have you forgotten my son and his agenda?” Mac did not want to cause his Sister any pain but knew he must remind her of the possibilities. He felt that as long as Artine lived, Inion’s world would be as a thorn in his side and a pawn to have his own way. “You know he will not rest unless he is reunited with his daughter.”

Inion flashed. “She is eternity’s child and that dark god will never touch As’me’s soul again!” Inion immediately felt shame for reacting so angrily in the face of her brother’s concerns. “We have planned so carefully, Mac,” she whispered, reaching out to touch his soul with her own. The twins had become close in many ways since the moment of their birth-since the great division took place; and Mac had taken Mor’s counsel, creating other worlds using the things he observed and learned from his sister. These were magnificent worlds where beings lived in benevolent peace and harmony and so much was happening on them.

‘Why does Inion put so much of herself into this little world?’, thought Mac, forgetting that no secrets could ever be kept between them, existing as one soul through separate essences.

“Because it is my Original Thought,” she answered. “The same reason you do not wish Mor to destroy your own Creation, Artine. Love has been expressed in Creation; and to destroy it might mean the destruction of some part of our very selves. I work with life on Domhan because we can hope that Love will render all broken things whole once more. Do you not hold out hope for the Love of my world, Brother?”

He embraced his Twin. “Yes, of course I do. I am always with you, Inion. Your dreams are mine, your creations a part of all in Eternity.” He considered the humans on Domhan. “They are an amazing race of beings,” he mused.

“It is they who must remain hopeful in the face of darkness when it descends to destroy their innocence.” Another arrived to join the speculation. Bandia knew all too well what the realm of possibility was for her Mother’s beautiful world; but she swore by all within her that she would never abandon its children. “I will stay close to them until after the births.” She was thoughtful for a long moment. “He has closed his energy to me almost completely and broods in the hollows of his dark world. It can only mean he wants to remain hidden from us in every way possible.”

Above them all the thought of Mor slipped through the barrier separating Eternity from Domhan. “You are greatly loved my Leanai. Every soul, both dark and light, are equal in my Thought.” Mor wondered how they would ever understand the truth; and while the Creators counseled, the threat of darkness was growing stronger on the bleak world of Ar’tine. Even as Eternity’s children cast him out, they encouraged the bitterness in his soul with their indifference.

Artine was amazed and impressed by the rapid progress on the female’s world, fascinated by how quickly the humans learned. How quickly, too, he vowed, would they become painfully aware when the moment of justification came. IF it came. These foolish creatures were so complacent in their life. Too much was given to them without any supplication or suffering. Why was he the only one to suffer? Artine consoled himself with visions of Asme walking beside him over the world he had created for her. He would live for her, would make whatever changes she wanted, and would even color it for her if she were to ask again, making it more like that of the Light Ones. If ever Artine came close to regret, it was in those moments of imagining. His love for Asme was overwhelming. Passionate. Self serving. Obsessive. And Hungry…all dark branches that made up the gnarled tree of his soul.


to be continued…..

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate comments, thoughts, ideas, hiccups? lol 😀

2 thoughts on “Whispers in Eternity/Forever Never

  1. Ar’tine sounds delusional. His thoughts of As’me. “He would live for her, would make whatever changes she wanted, and would even color it for her if she were to ask again, making it more like that of the Light Ones”.
    He sounds so much like the fallen human. Investing his hopes in the wrong place. Does he even have love? And will As’me accept him, his dark ways? Borne by the virtuous Eagna and thoughtful Eolas, and watched over by the benevolent Naofa, how will she turn into a devil?

    And when Inion says: “It is they who must remain hopeful in the face of darkness when it descends to destroy their innocence”. Does she understand what this darkness will do? (I speak as one who has witnessed it?)
    But I like the voice of Mor: “wondered how they would ever understand the truth”.

    Indeed, it seems the Creators have missed the truth.

    “We have planned so carefully, Mac,” Inion says, yet Ar’tine mocks the care of which she is thus proud: “These foolish creatures were so complacent in their life. Too much was given to them without any supplication”.


    1. The voice of darkness often speaks in delusions, always trying to avoid the truth, always taking another path, never accepting its own imperfection, seeking that which it already owns. When you have children, at some point you have to give up control, praying they will seek those things which are noble, praying they will be wise and not be hurt, but knowing life is not a prediction but often a gamble, a game and a journey; and their path on it was chosen by them and must be walked by them. Then you spend a lot of sleepless nights…..😔


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