The Wonder/Poetry/Photography

b birthday aug 2015 012.NEF

I Am

I come to the edge of the world,

where water meets glass

in grains of crystalline magic.

Here, where the voice of God

whispers to my soul,

I can see the heart of

the universe reflected in hues of

cobalt white capped brilliance.

b birthday aug 2015 014.NEF

Here, where I feel the Earth’s power

in the turning of the tide,

as its hand causes the seas to

ebb and flow, I am able to

understand miracles-


am the miracle.

b birthday aug 2015 027

The warm wetness of salty balm

licks at my feet as I abandon

all inhibition in search

of sustenance-wild and free-

unseen, unheard, unmolested

in the roaring solitude.

b birthday aug 2015 020

The call of Poseidon is strong,

pulling me deeper into his arms,

singing me home where grave

sorrows disappear in the

dark caverns where my history

is written.

b birthday aug 2015 017.NEF

Wrapped in warm blue folds

of comfort, I forget who

I am, returning once more

to eternity’s birth, that glorious


when nothing existed outside

of its Source,

the place where all knowledge lives.

I am one with Spirit.

I become Peace.

I smile. I laugh, spread my wings-

b birthday aug 2015 018.NEF

I soar!

b birthday aug 2015 029

She lifts me up, she is my compass,

she is my lover, my consort and friend-

comforts, consoles and guides.


Cheryl Kp

2015 copyright all content

I saw this lovely Reddish Egret on a nearly deserted beach this week, while walking with my son.  That was a miracle in itself, to spend time with him, those perfect moments when your children are near again, even for a short while.

I sensed there was something different about this bird, although it bears a strong resemblance to the tri colored heron. A bit of research confirmed my intuition.

This particular egret was once considered endangered and nests primarily in Texas.  They do breed and nest in the mangroves of Florida but seeing one out on the beach like this is not common.

This moment was another in my increasing collection of natural miracles-gifts of Spirit that keep me encouraged, entertained and hopeful for all of existence.

Below is a link to one of my favorite songs from a beloved film from the 70’s. It is a treasure; and if you have not read Richard Bachman’s short novel Jonathon Livingston Seagull, I strongly suggest it.  The book is simply enlightening.

8 thoughts on “The Wonder/Poetry/Photography

  1. I second the “you make it look easy” sentiment. Am always impressed by how consistently great your writing+photography are!


    1. Thank you Sharukh i am realy glad you enjoyed the poem and photos. Most people just smie and nod at my obsession with photographing nature, but I can tell they don’t quite “get” it. It is where I am most content.

      Liked by 1 person

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