The Taste/Photography/Poetry

bee Sunday aug 2015 073.NEF

The Taste

The Taste

A taste was all he wanted,
 a taste was all I’d give.
Just a bit of sweetness so
 that both of us could live.

Tenderly he drank me in,
and I so willingly,
a taste would never be enough
as he took all of me.

So sweet, the nectar flowed
  as moments endless seemed.
His thirst, his passion wild
  were all that I had dreamed.

Alas, the nectar wanes and so
he soon took  flight from me;
he turned away, the bitter sting-
his longing to be free.

And yet I do not know regret
  nor sorrow entertain
The nectar sweet still  lingers
 for the taste of him remains…..

Cheryl KP

copyright all content

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