Treasures in Plain Sight

The sun slowly falling, as day grows weary,

the breeze stirs grains of gray landscape

and shadows crawl across the sand.



What seems as shadow turns to life-

a treasure unearthed

now in plain sight!


No surprise I found another little crabby friend. It has been that kind of moon cycle for me.ย  It was nearly indiscernible as it scurried across the gray sand and was so accommodating as I snapped a half dozen shots with my little phone.ย  Kindred spirits,

she and I.

34 thoughts on “Treasures in Plain Sight

      1. Now that’s a talent Spinman! I’m a Cancer and I can hedge and dodge like a pro if I need to. But like my little buddy, it isn’t good to back me into a corner. Lol

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      2. Yes, as my daughter says…”I don’t do ‘drama’ ” No reason for confrontation in most cases. My dad always said don’t start a fight, but don’t be afraid to finish one if you have to.

        I like taking the “high road.” I believe it takes a bigger man to take the abuse. However…if someone lands a punch, I may have to return fire.

        Haven’t done that in many years…(whew!)


      3. I have decided for the most part I don’t want my own health and well being to suffer from conflict, but I make it known I can finish whatever needs finishing. My husband’s favorite phrase is a bit more colorful but says it plainly. “Don’t start no sh.. Won’t be no sh..” Fair warning. I had a job in recent years where I was a supervisor. Every day was like sundown at the OK corral, with someone always trying to call me out. It really wears on your soul after awhile. I begged out of that position.

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      4. This is a good part of the choice to be noncombative. Why risk one’s own health over issues in an aggressive way?

        I saw on the news a story about two ladies “getting down” in the shampoo isle at Walmart. Just slugging away at each other!

        The same day, two guys stopped in the street for some road rage competition, slugging each other into oncoming traffic…plain dang stupid!

        What’s worse is this kind of thing is covered over and over in the news. That’s inciting to riot in my book! People do what they see many times. The news doesn’t help to cover it as breaking news first off, and then developing news tomorrow…



      5. What “news”? As far as I’m concerned the news is just a decorated Social Media venue these days. I miss Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather. How about some 21st Century/mind blowing Scientific or nature stuff. And how the heck canw e accomplish anything military wide when every thought, every move, they make is talked about? I just don’t get it and I am a really democratic kind of gal. Yes, Spinner, I hug trees. But I also have some couth. And dignity. And respect. And I like to think common sense. Fighting in WalMart? That’s what it is good for these days. And photo ops for iphone media addicts. (Stepping off my doapbox and backing away now….)๐Ÿ˜Š

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      6. Hey, girl, RAVE ON!…(Buddy Holly.) I am an Independent, so a bit more conservative by nature. However, I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said here…all of it!

        Make room on that soapbox, lady, I’m right there with you!

        S! ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. I lived in Queens in 1978 and I was in the stands at Belmont when Affirmed won. That’s the last time I was at a horse race in person.


      2. Wow. How exciting Dan. I have never been to a real live horse race, let alone one so exciting. But I have been to the Indianapolis 500. That was incredible. And of course the Daytona Coke 400. Hoping to see the 500 maybe this year. Living in New York must have been very interesting.

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      3. New York was interesting, but more complicated than I cared for. The Belmont was fun, but that was the third triple crown winner in six years so I doubt it was the level of excitement as today.


      4. BTW, I’d love to be at Indy. I’ve been to a Trans-AM race at Road Atlanta and several NHRA pro races. I love NHRA ’cause you get to walk the pits and there are so many cars in so many classes.


      5. We have taken the boys to quite a few of those when they were you g in Texas. Hubby says “long live John Force”. I love, love funny cars. But there is no feeling like the buzz in your chest after the cars make the first lap and come around to start the race, all their engines firing up at the 500. It feels like a million bees alive in your chest. We love the auto races. When there are events here we can hear the cars in the stadium from our home.


      6. I was a long time fan of John Force but these days I root for Tim Wilkerson. Funny cars rule! I will have to get to an F1 or Indy class even, I would like to see/feel that.


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