Froggy Went a Courtin’….

The full moon this week seemed to bring out all the creatures, great and small.  After a session of taking moon shots in the front yard, I turned to go back inside and noticed a strange, dark shadow on top of our gate.  When I saw it move a few inches I knew  right away it was something I have not seen in a long  while.

sugarmill in May 2015 027.NEF

So, what else could I do but make my way over-slowly-and introduce myself-and my Nikon!

A little shy…

sugarmill in May 2015 029.NEF

this handsome guy.

sugarmill in May 2015 032.NEF

But curious you see,

as I was about he.

sugarmill in May 2015 037

“Okay you can take a shot or two,

if you keep some distance between me and you.”

(thank God for my zoom)

sugarmill in May 2015 035

Pretty soon he was looking bored

while I was begging for just one more

perfect shot.

sugarmill in May 2015 043.NEF

“If you won’t go away.”

he seemed to say.

“Perhaps my ‘best side..'”

“Please just one more!” I cried.

sugarmill in May 2015 044.NEF

“Ahhh..very well then, my intrusive friend.”

“Then I must be off as day finds its end.”

Good night sweet prince inside the beast……..

My husband looked it up. This is a Cuban tree frog.  They are supposedly pests, wreaking havoc by clogging pipes. I just find it one more wonderful piece of the natural world around me.

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