A Tribute/Happy Father’s Day/This Old Tree/Poetry


This Old Tree

by Cheryl Pennington


This old tree, though appearances deceive,

has led a rich life, you must believe.

It’s branches, now gnarled, its fingers grown lean,

were there to uphold  as a lifeline unseen.

The skin, once rugged and tanned to the bone

 showing lines, may seem weak-now without tone.

Do not be fooled, for its fortitude lasts,

Mighty ships sail, its arms as their masts.

So, did I sail neath that shadow of love,

that maddening grip all too soon was shed of

as I stood on the bow of my self-captained path.

It was there, looking on, in the wrecked aftermath.


This old tree, though forgotten by youth,

wiped away tears, pulled the loose tooth

that wouldn’t budge.

Peanuts in its pocket, a whistle on its lips

Shooting hoops in the drive, giving all its best tips.

Popping corn for the hungry mouths at its feet

with frozen colas, making fun times complete.

Homemade ice cream, trips to the pool,

making a living, enforcing the rules.

Nurturing, loving, toiling, praying,

weeping, laughing, always staying

the same.

This old tree will always be

the mightiest force in the world to me.

The sight that I see, the sound that I hear

are icons of comfort that hold me near

in its heart.

Thank you, old tree, for your service to me.

For all that you are and forever shall be-

My Daddy.


Happy Father’s Day

This is dedicated to all the “old trees” today and the young ones just em “barking” on this journey of Fatherhood. It is a gift that is well appreciated, even if the rewards are slow to come.

Pura Vida!


Click on the link for one of my very favorite songs dedicated to a Father. Thank you, Reba.  I am happy to say I have had a lifetime to get to know my Dad.

21 thoughts on “A Tribute/Happy Father’s Day/This Old Tree/Poetry

  1. Reblogged this on Tropical Affair and commented:

    This is for you Daddy. I know you can read my words and know my heart. This was from another year but my love for you never changes, my admiration never wanes and my longing to be that child again for even a day is always there. Happy Father’s Day!!!!


    1. Thank you Oater. It was like a natural sculpture there on the gray beach. I never saw such a think lying on the beach all bleached out like that before. I love natural beaches where nature can paint freely and leave treasures. That is why I posted the Remnants poem. So much diversity in one place. Hope you are having a great week.


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