Can You See Me? /Poetry



Can You See Me
Can you see me here,
Great Spirit,
lost among the tangled
vines of existence
where I struggle for the light
of my Grandfather Sun
to shine upon my face as
a healing balm of comfort?
Can you see me, oh Creator,
and the journey I have made
beyond the mists of eternity
to land upon this dying,
cursed rock of magnificent
glory that you have made for us?
Can you find me,
Great Healer of pain and sorrow,
as I struggle to hold my head
high within the whirlwind of
angry business that is called
a life?
Can you find me,
Deliverer of the innocent,
my head hanging low from
the weight of what I once was,
what these eyes have seen
and deeds that I have done in
my search for the beauty which
always shone within?
Can you save me,
Oh Creators,
from the fear that rises in
my soul when I think of my
unworthy steps away from your
Love, the path now grown high
with brambles?
Can you see me
as I wait for the new day,
another sunrise to light the way,
another moment of hope that lingers,
a grain of sand slips through my fingers
onto the endless shores of time
that stretch before me..
Warm me,
cool me,
soothe and forgive me, I ask,
as the crimson sun drops to its
deep blue knees, teasing me with
sleepy eyes. 
Too bright, the stars tonight!
One for every prayer that drifted
upon the shadows into the black
void of your thought.
Ahhh…your breath blows
across my cheeks as I,
comforted at last,
find reprieve in your arms,
sweet end of another day.
How I love the end,
for without it,
there would be no new beginning…..

Can you see me?

Cheryl KP

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