Enter the Sorceress…Welcome Naofa! Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

all rights reserved, artistic and written

the story continues….

As god and goddess step forward to add their own touches to new life upon Dohman, fears arise within Eternity’s children while Love moves to unify the All that Is.  Bandia is the first to bring forth a new life in the form of a very powerful feminine…..

XXIII  Naofa
Bandia and Ar’tine, having spent much time together creating other worlds elsewhere in the realm (some of which were to haunt the universe forever), were eager to be a part of this happening.  Inion didn’t want Ar’tine to have any part of creation on her world, although she had forgiven him his error as was required of Unconditional Love.  She desired to be while in Spirit, but deep within her dark space a single voice cried out, refusing to be ignored.  “Do not trust this one!  He will deceive you.”

Who knows where Creation might have gone without those voices; but they arose within the soul and there they remained.  And they always spoke-sometimes in whispers, sometimes in manic shouts; and the best one could do was to ignore them or try to reason with them..or with oneself. This time Inion decided to ignore the voice.  After all, she wanted her Father to Love her; and if she couldn’t forgive, how could He ever love her?  So she quietly stilled this prophetic voice.
Mor sensed it all, perhaps even imagined the outcome of the events to follow, but It remained faithful in Its Love for all of Its Creations and their desire to continue Its work.  It knew that with a blink this illusion called Creation could be ended-or reunited as it were, but what would be the point? They had forever to learn, to teach, to experience… to Love.  It was from this state of Love that It, of course,  consented that both God and Goddess together could  make their contribution to the new population of Dohman.

Mac had another voice whispering to him. Although he still regretted the damage done by his Son in so many ways, he had also witnessed him recently creating with the others in the Eternal realm;  and the dark god seemed to want the same unity as they all did. Mac sensed the continuing rebellion within his Son but also understood he had the ability to overcome it.  His own voice was crying out as loudly as his sister’s, “He can still be your great Son! The Mother has forgiven him and so should  you. Look how truly magnificent he is.”  But, thought Mac to himself (and to his voice), “If he should fail again, Mor will never forgive me.” (as though that were even possible).  The voice urged, “But if you succeed you shall be accepted even as your twin is.”  Pride, born of Fear is still Fear and had been the root of all error in Eternity thus far.

All within the Realm consented that God and Goddess should contribute to the united effort which was manifesting on the colorful world of humankind.  Bandia had grown very fond of Ar’tine in their time together; and as much as was possible for the dark soul, he had great admiration for her in return. She was, of course, a powerful feminine energy who looked beyond his errors to see his true magnificence.  To him this was a great attribute. Of course in its purest form that is what Love does.  But who between them would create first?  Whether it was a true act of deference or merely a ploy to not be undone was known only to Mor, but it would be Ar’tine who took a second position this time, “Of course, my dearest Bandia, you should go first. I will remain as an observer.  I have learned much about what is lovely in creation from watching you. This knowledge will help me to improve my own efforts.” (One way or another, he thought)

And he so longed to create human life once more.  It was like an infection in his soul, one that he had ignored while creating other worlds with Bandia.  But to create human life again..and this time on the revered Dohman! Perhaps they would allow him to reincarnate As’me at last.  It was a sincere and innocent hope, born of true love and longing for that which he had created (and destroyed) and that had been kept from him all these many eons. He had been assured of the soul’s recovery and that indeed she would be reborn in time, when it was perfect for her.  But if any hope was ever born in vain it would be Ar’tine’s. For Mor had not only forbidden his being near As’me, he had hidden her within the Eternal Realm until such time that they could, in secret, return her to a living form to experience a life without the pain and suffering she had endured in her short time at her father’s hands. For now god and goddess busied themselves with their new creation.

Bandia chose to bring her creation to life in the land of great seas.  For so long she had watched her beloved daughter, M’na, as she swam with the creatures she loved in these waters.  It was indeed a peaceful place but one that was also full of force and power.  And Mystery.  There would need to be a mystical force alive on Dohman;  but it would need to be governed and not available to every human.  There were too many rifts in the soul consciousness at this point;  and it was agreed that power in the command of any one in pain or fear would be used most unwisely. It could always be taught to one who was deemed worthy and whole enough in Spirit to nurture and share the gift without exploiting its possibilities. Bandia decided her creation would know this gift on Dohman and therefore chose to create another  female.    Thus far lust for power and control had yet to become manifest in Eternity’s feminine creations. She felt confident this gift would be safe within the hands of her new daughter.

Working in the twilight of Dohman, while the early stars were just finding their way to the heavens,  Bandia drew from the depths of the ocean. There, where enormous beasts resided, she called upon the great, slow moving creatures from below, for they were communal and constant in their existence.  Magnificent to behold when they broke the surface of the white capped waters, their energy was a power in itself.  Bandia envisioned her daughter with flowing, dark hair, which hung about her shoulders like the seaweed that clung to the rocks when the waters receded with the tides. Her energy was to be powerful and constant as the dark waters; and she would use this power to move mountains if the need arose.  So that she might move with the energy of Dohman,  the goddess endowed her new daughter with the ability to shape-shift, just as she had done with M’na.  In counsel she advised her to use this gift wisely, keeping it hidden from all but the family in The Garden.  They would know of her special ability; and she was to be always ready if ever they came to her for aid or comfort.

Keeping watch over Dohman’s family using Suil De, (God’s Eye), the Great Lake which lay only a short distance away, this Sacred Female-“Naofa”-would be able to see events taking place on her world and so be able to act quickly.  The goddess showed Naofa how to make the visions come by first passing a misty veil across the water’s surface.  Then, gazing as through an open window, she would be able to see any member of the Garden family, wherever they were.  In this way they would always be connected. Her mother said she would also be able to see other visions in the pool; but she saw no reason to explain to the newly awakening soul yet.  There would be other counsel, if ever it became necessary for her to know..

This Sorceress would be grounded to the Earth; but Bandia wanted her eyes to look always toward the heavens and the Eternal Realm. Thusly, she chose two of the brightest stars glinting in the slate colored shade of evening to stir her vision. Her eyes were colored by the deepest gray of the ocean depths, but kissed with foamy light.  Seeing that her work was perfect, Bandia touched her creation on the forehead as she called her to life, “Naofa, come!!” 

There began a great swirling of the waters into a vortex of blue, green, gray and white; and as it rose from the surface, it grew into a funnel, becoming taller and thinner, eternal light glinting  from within its translucence.  Then, as though emerging from a fog, the translucence faded to form as the body of Naofa could be seen coming to life, stretching her willowy arms outward and lifting her face towards the sky.  She opened her eyes and the light from them was blinding, but for a second before they became as gray as the dark waters of the sea.  As she opened her mouth to breathe, the raging sea began to rush into it, allowing her to drink in the power of the vortex along with all that lived in the waters. Soon, so full was she that her form towered high above the crests and the rocky hills that encircled them.  Suddenly, there came the sound of many birds, their wings flapping maddeningly in their wild attempt to escape the vortex.  They, too, were drawn in with the waters and into her energy.  She would need all this and more to work the wonders that Bandia intended.  When she could take no more in, Noafa closed her mouth and instantly the chaos ceased, the waters stilled and the winds were hushed.  There was eternal silence for a moment.  Nothing dared move.

Then, with a movement as graceful and fluid as the water below, the form of Noafa slowly lowered her arms as she descended  to stand upon the solid rock beside her watery birthplace.  She would live upon these rocks and sand, well hidden from common sight, but accessible when she was needed. Bandia spoke to her daughter, face to face.  She touched her cheek with much love as she said, “You will have more power than any living thing on Dohman.  This is a great gift but one that is also burdened with great responsibility for such a power.  It is not to be taken lightly or used in any way that is not born of Unconditional Love. If ever you are in doubt about your purpose you may call upon your family in the Realm for guidance.  All in the Eternal Realm are here to support and love you.  You may not be able to physically see Great Spirit or the Great Feminine, Inion with your physical eyes;  but they are always watching and listening.  When you clear your thoughts-for you will have many thoughts in this human form-and calm your heart, you will hear them through your meditations.”

Naofa’s eyes brimmed with salty tears, for she had been created with much empathy.  Already she could foresee the paths of possibility which lay ahead for this glorious new World.  Her voice was both lilting and hauntingly determined as she answered the call of Bandia.  “My Mother, this life alone is the greatest gift I could ever hope for.  I will use it for all that you ask and more!  Never will I turn from your face or the Love which created me.” (Such promises are always made in earnest. Does one truly intend to lie about what they cannot yet comprehend?)

Bandia left her Daughter content with the vows of her soul.  With diligence and fortitude, she set about making a home for herself where she was to begin learning the secrets of the mystical realm that would be hers to use for blessing and protection. She knew that on Dohman all of her powers would be drawn from within the world on which she existed.  Everything had an energy and with the right focus and determination, that energy could be tapped into and used in miraculous ways.  She never feared or lusted for the power of such a gift, but she knew that it must be understood fully for her to be its master.  Thoughts of power were left to other wondering watchers. And he was watching.  It was now Ar’tine’s turn to create on Dohman….

to be continued….
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