Winged Wonders Or….. Birds I Have Known

Hello my friends!

It occurred to me today that I am rapidly approaching one year of blogging.  How quickly time flies, and what a wonderful experience this has been. I have made so many new friends and acquaintances, been exposed to so much talent, raw emotion and beautiful energy in that time.  I thank all of you who have visited and continue to do so.

When choosing what to blog about the greatest challenge for me is always the balance between sharing photographs and expressing ideas.  I have tried to strike a balance with these two and I feel I have done fairly well.  Please let me know if you think otherwise. I am always open to suggestions.  With the exception of the novel, I really enjoy sharing the visual experiences I have more than anything else. I have fallen in love with photography and could literally do it 24 hours a day and doubt I would tire of it.

So I was thinking of all the photos I hadn’t been able to include in my posts due to space and time challenges and thought I’d do a bit of gallery posting. Now, I may not be adept at this process for I have seen so many wonderfully talented bloggers who know every savvy way to do things.  But bear with me if you would like to see these birds and share their beauty as I was able to.  If you like what you see, please leave me a note.  And as always, thanks for visiting!


The Aracari, rarely seen in our “neck of the woods” in Costa Rice, spotted near Quepos, in my own back yard, er, jungle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Maybe next time we will have to revisit the monkeys!!

Pura Vida everyone!

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