Thank You!


Sending a huge Thank You to my good friend and fellow blogger/writer, Dan Antion of No Facilities, for the interview and plug to my new space on Blogger. I hope those of you who follow me here will make your way over there. I am participating this year in the JusJoJan prompt challenge and have a new post up Poke Me 

Now you also need to pop over to Dan’s place.

There you will find great stories, learn how to build things, see some wonderful Winter photos, meet his walking companion, Maddie and a lot of other really great people who follow him. Do stop in at the bar for If We Were Having a Beer that he publishes on Saturdays. The conversation is fun, the service is good ( as long as the ‘good’ bartender is around), and you might find a surprise or two!

I still have the blogs here, so if you are into photography, poetry or introspection, take a look around. I have a bit of everything here. 👍🏻🥂

I hope to see you at the new place. Happy #free48!


8 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. I made it there, but I hope you’ve disabled the CAPTCHA, which is one of the reasons I so dislike following bloggers on Blogspot/Blogger/whatever it’s called. I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida as well. Since we’ll soon be in Arizona, we’ll have to rely on Dan for all the snow and cold. 🙂



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