Life Rocks

Hey guys! We are facing another Hump Day and I am already thinking of the down slope, sliding into the weekend. While that is okay, I will remember to acknowledge the memorable moments of my week.

So, I am sharing my today with you and reminding you to cherish the days, each as they come, instead of living life in “chunks.”

Starting the day with a brilliant sunrise in my rearview mirror tops my list of perfect moments..


Looking up, down, all around…..


Fills my head with wonder and my heart with delight!

And the highlight of my days is lunch in the park.


And sharing my nuts and berries with these little ones has become something I really look forward to. Some are curious but wary, while others have come up and taken goodies right from my hand!



While they love all nuts, I have to say pecan halves seem to be a treasure. The funniest thing to watch is their deceptive trick of “fake hiding” their goodies to foil any attempt by friend or foe to steal their stores.


Squirrelly fellows…gotta’ love ’em.

Enjoy your mid week! And let me know what you have found to love about your everydays..


17 thoughts on “Life Rocks

  1. I am not sure if I told you this before, but have you seen this animal documentary called Tiny Giants. I believe I recommended it earlier. If you get your hands on it, do watch it. I watched it in Blu-ray and it was a phenomenal experience. I have it in my collection and I must have watched it 10 times and more I believe.


    1. And yay for sunny days Christine! The one a few dys ago was such a sweetie. That one was so polite and took the pecan right from my hand. These were a bit less trusting. But hungry still. 😉


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