Little E/Photography

The Best Days

While on a perfect Saturday, a day complete with kayaking,

followed by a lovely lunch at a riverside restaurant,

we ran into a new little friend just hanging out on the hood of a car.


Hope you enjoy the rest of the photos.

The Cattle Egret has such wonderful highlights-naturally!

I pay a fortune for it.

A bit of preening, oblivious to the Watcher in with the camera….

Moon and Flowers march 2017 010.NEF


Moon and Flowers march 2017 011.NEFMoon and Flowers march 2017 018.NEF

Only a brief distraction, then back to business-

or pleasure.

It was definitely a pleasure for me to watch its simple ritual.

What wonderful things have you found in your week?

24 thoughts on “Little E/Photography

      1. I took a photo this week while in Orlando (I’ll share soon) and the people I was walking with were mad at me for making them stop. I said “go, I’ll catch up” but I wasn’t going to miss the chance.


      2. Yippee! Can’t wait to see it. I thought of you today. Had a park squirrel take a pecan right out of my fingers. It was a Kodak monent but didn’t get that one. Too busy enjoying the little guy. 😊

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      3. I was actually doing Facetime with Lee and was showing him which is why I didn’t get a shot. But the frame was so small on the phone he couldn’t really see. I never felt so tender towards any squirrel before. Except the Mama who saved her baby on my carport. That was a once in a lifetime event.

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      4. Aw. We had a baby squirrel that a friend trapped after his cat caught it. He brought it to our yard like it’s a sanctuary. We named her Millicent. She stayed for the summer. The mother saving the baby must have been amazing. Did you write about that story ?


      5. Aww that’s so cool Dan. I like that name too. Yes, I did do a post about it, sometime around a year ago. But it happened about ten years ago. I may jsu reboot it soince I have so many new friends here. It was so amazing and touching to watch.

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    1. The birds here are so accustomed to their human cohabitants they just usually go about their business with no fear. This one was in a busy parking lot Deborah! I love the look in its eye..


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