Friday Blues

Nothing like an hour in the park on a Friday afternoon, a break from the responsibility and bustle of necessary living, to restore balance to one’s soul.  These gentle, graceful beings bring new meaning to the phrase “the blues”….

Even the sky was fighting the blues…..


The Great Blue was skulking in the reeds beside the lake until I intruded;  but ever the Diva….



After awhile enough was enough and flight was inevitable.  To the other side of the lake!


Well, I think you have taken enough photos. Now lookee what I can do!
Hubby loves the way they fly with legs straight out behind them.
This was my favorite “in flight” shot!
Another perfect landing…


Little Egret took to the rooftop


Up on the roof…..



The Great White was regal as ever…..

High steppin’!



A touch of fire sets off the woods.. This guy asked for you Dan Antion  


And last but not least, Mr Blue himself….the tri colored Heron.  He spoke to me in those few moments, allowing me to get close enough to see into the depths of his eyes.  I came away with renewed peace and hope.  Would that I could take wing and soar with him……

This tri colored heron gave me a lengthy private audience though our discussion remains between us…..




He reminded me blue is not such a bad way to be…….

Until next time, my friend…

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